How To Fix NBA 2K23 Files?

  • In the time since the release of NBA 2K23, some players have encountered missing or corrupted game files. At this point, we would like to be able to retrieve these files as we have invested a lot of time and MT NBA 2K23 in building the players. 2K Games is concerned about this issue and has provided a solution.

    Since NBA 2K23 is a multi-platform game, we need to fix it depending on the game platform we are using.

    NBA 2K23 file repair method


    Thankfully, most PlayStation 4 consoles have automatic updates enabled by default. This means you should be able to download saved game data from the cloud. You can repair the files by doing the following:

    • Start in the Dynamic Menu.
    • Go to (Settings) > Application Data Management > Saved Data in Online Storage > "Download to System Storage" and press (X button).
    • Select NBA 2K23.
    • Download all files that start with "MyCareer..."


    Similar to the PS4, to continuously sync your saved data to the cloud, you must enable "Auto Update". After uploading, you can download the saved data directly from the cloud to PS5.

    You can follow the steps below to download NBA 2K23 data to PS5:

    • Go to Settings > Games/Apps and Saved Data.
    • Select Saved Data (PS5) or Saved Data (PS4).
    • Select Cloud Storage and select NBA 2K23 > Download to Console Storage.

    Xbox One / Series X and Series S

    Cloud Storage cannot be downloaded manually on Xbox One. However, as soon as you connect to XBOX Live, they will be automatically uploaded and downloaded from the Microsoft Cloud Exchange platform.

    Nintendo Switch

    There are two ways to backup and download NBA 2K23 files on Nintendo Switch:

    To download a backup from the software menu:

    • Open the game's software menu and select Save Data Cloud.
    • Select the desired user, then select Download Save Data.

    To download a backup from within System Settings:

    • From the HOME Menu, select System Settings, then Data Management, and finally Save Data Cloud.
    • Select the desired user, then choose the backup file you wish to download.
      Select Download Save Data.
    • A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use this feature.

    When our NBA 2K23 data has errors, you can follow the above method to repair the file so that we can continue the game without any problems.

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