NBA 2K23 Best Point Guard Build

  • Point guard is a very prominent position in NBA 2K23, so many players will choose this position. Here we will give you a detailed introduction to how to build the most reliable point guard in NBA 2K23.
    NBA 2K23: The most effective guard build
    This NBA 2K23 build will turn you into a two-way unstoppable force that can both stop the opposing team's most talented defender and provide offensive opportunities for your team.
    Body Parameters:
    • 6'6" height
    • 207 lb weight
    • 6'10" wingspan
    If you want to be a two-way shooter, you'll have to give up some of your finishing skills for better shooting, organized offense, and defensive ratings. You can set your close-range shooting and layups at 55 and 76, . Low post control, breakaway dunks, and stand-up dunks. You should maximize the three-point stats under "shooting", while the free throw and mid-range categories can also be set to 75. Improve passing accuracy to about 70 in the organization section, maximize ball handling, and leave 84 for ball speed.
    Configure interior defense at 35 yards, while maximizing steals and outside defense under "Defend/Rebound". Caps and offensive rebounds are not affected, but defensive rebounds are increased to 47. Then, maximize endurance and adjust speed and acceleration to 85 in "Physical". Strength and vertical are 57 and 74 . Use the remaining traits to improve your free throw shooting, passing accuracy, or mid-range shooting.
    In this version, you will receive approximately 68 badge upgrades for NBA 2K23. These include 22 organizational badge upgrades, 16 defensive/rebounding badge upgrades, 6 finishing badge upgrades, and 24 shooting badge upgrades. In "Making the Game" and "Shooting", players can choose from the Quick First Step and Circus Threes Hall of Fame badges, .
    If you want to complete this player build faster, then you can buy 2K23 MT. These currencies can enhance the player's attributes when we create the player, and can also buy some unique items.