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  • This is a popular science article about Substrate Support Mat, which will introduce various knowledge such as the classification and selection of Substrate Support Mat.

    1. Substrate Support Mat classification

    Ceramic-sealed Substrate Support Mats are widely used in automotive catalytic converters. The ceramic carrier is tightly held in the metal housing to meet the packaging requirements of automotive catalytic converters under all temperature and pressure conditions.

    Substrate Support Mat

    Existing automotive catalytic converter Substrate Support Mat product lines are Intumescent Sealed Substrate Support Mat, Non-Intumescent Sealed Substrate Support Mat, Edge Sealed Intumescent Substrate Support Mat, Multilayer Composite Sealed Substrate Support Mat, and Composite Intumescent Sealed Substrate Support Mat Mat.

    2. Substrate Support Mat selection

    The three-way catalytic converter plays a key role in reducing the pollutants emitted by automobiles. The three-way catalytic converter gasket is an important part in the catalytic converter. It can fix and support the carrier so that it will not be damaged, and it also acts as a seal and The role of thermal insulation. The rationality of the design of the relevant parameters of the three-way catalytic converter gasket directly affects the packaging and service life of the catalyst. Therefore, there are several points to pay attention to when selecting the three-way catalytic converter gasket

    Substrate Support Mat

    3. Substrate Support Mat Seal Design

    The sealing material should meet the requirements of sealing function. Due to the different media sealed by the Substrate Support Mat and the different working conditions of the equipment, the sealing materials are required to have different suitability.

    The requirements for sealing materials are:

    \u2460Substrate Support Mat material has good compactness and is not easy to leak medium;

    \u2461 have appropriate mechanical strength and hardness;

    \u2462 Good compressibility and resilience, and small permanent deformation of Substrate Support Mat material;

    Substrate Support Mat