Advantages, applications and properties of substrate support ma

  • Advantages of substrate support mat


    Substrate support mat has been widely used due to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties of copper and the advantages of high mechanical strength and low dielectric loss of ceramics. In the past few decades, substrate support mats have made great contributions to power electronic packaging, which is mainly attributed to the following performance characteristics of direct substrate support mats: good thermal performance; capacitive performance; high insulating performance; Si-matched thermal expansion coefficient; superior electrical properties and strong current-carrying capacity. The initial research on substrate support mat was developed to address high current and heat dissipation and was later applied to the metallization of AlN ceramics. The above are the advantages of substrate support mat.


    substrate support mat


    Application of substrate support mat


    In addition to the above characteristics, the substrate support mat has the following characteristics that make it widely used in high-power devices:


    Strong mechanical stress, stable shape; high strength, high thermal conductivity, high insulation; strong bonding force, anti-corrosion;


    Excellent thermal cycle performance, the number of cycles is up to 50,000 times, and the reliability is high;


    Like the PCB board (or IMS substrate), it can etch various patterns of structures; no pollution, no pollution;


    The operating temperature is -55℃~850℃; the thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of silicon, which simplifies the production process of power modules. The above is the application of substrate support mat.


    Properties of substrate support mat


    Due to the properties of substrate support mat, it has the irreplaceable characteristics of PCB substrates. The thermal expansion coefficient of DBC is close to that of silicon chips, which can save the transition layer Mo sheet, save labor, and materials, and reduce costs. Since the substrate support mat does not add any brazing components, it reduces the solder layer, reduces thermal resistance, reduces holes, and improves the finished product. Under the same current carrying capacity, the 0.3mm thick copper foil line width is only 10% of that of ordinary printed circuit boards; its excellent thermal conductivity makes the package of the chip very compact, thereby greatly improving the power density and improving the system and device. reliability. In order to improve the thermal conductivity of the substrate support mat, the thickness of the substrate support mat is generally reduced. The ultra-thin (0.25mm) DBC board can replace BeO, and the thickness of the substrate support mat can reach 0.65mm so that the substrate support mat can carry a larger 100A current continuously passes through a 1mm wide 0.3mm thick copper body, the temperature rise is about 17℃; 100A current continuously passes through a 2mm wide 0.3mm thick copper body, the temperature rise is only about 5℃. Compared with the brazing and Mo-Mn method, DBC has very low thermal resistance characteristics. Take the thermal resistance of a 10×10mm DBC board as an example: the thermal resistance of 0.63mm thick substrate support mat DBC is 0.31K/W, 0.38mm thick substrate The thermal resistance of the support mat DBC is 0.19K/W, and the thermal resistance of the substrate support mat DBC with a thickness of 0.25mm is 0.14K/W. Alumina ceramics have the highest resistance and high insulation to withstand voltage, thus ensuring personal safety and equipment protection capabilities; in addition, the DBC substrate support mat can realize new packaging and assembly methods, making products highly integrated and compact. The above are the properties of substrate support mat.


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