How many of these 10 kinds of LED lamps can you distinguish?

  • Today, LED light manufacturer Xinjielighting will introduce 10 common LED lights to help you distinguish the advantages and characteristics of various LED lights. Interested partners may wish to take a few minutes to take a look with me.

    1. LED fluorescent lamp

    There is nothing to say about LED fluorescent lamps. Everyone knows that they are mainly divided into T8 and T5. The so-called T8 or T5 is a classification of their diameter.

    2. LED hose light strip

    The LED hose light strip is in the shape of a thick rope and belongs to PVC material. It is generally installed on the inner side of the edge of the ceiling or the back side of the background wall shape, and emits light in a strip shape. Soft and elegant.

    3. LED Wall Light

    Wall lamps can also be used for local lighting above the head of the bed, in front of the full-length mirror, by the door, in the corridor, in the kitchen, etc. The wall lamps are decorative lamps installed on the wall. The installation position is slightly higher than the height of the human eye when standing. It can be used as auxiliary lighting and alternately in the living room where chandeliers and ceiling lamps are the main lighting, which not only saves electricity but also adjusts the indoor atmosphere.

    LED light

    4. LED ceiling light

    Ceiling lamps are lamps that are directly fixed and adsorbed on the ceiling, and are suitable for installation in rooms with low floor heights. The light source, that is, the light bulb, is mainly incandescent and fluorescent. Most of the ceiling lamps with incandescent lamps as the light source use milky white plastic covers or glass covers.

    The ceiling lamps with fluorescent lamps as the light source mostly use plexiglass and metal lattices as the cover. Ceiling lights with a diameter of about 200mm are suitable for use in aisles, bathrooms and kitchens. A ceiling lamp with a diameter of about 400mm can be used in a room of about 16㎡.

    5. LED chandelier

    LED chandeliers are usually the protagonists of household lighting, and there are more varieties. According to the shape and structure, they can be divided into branch-shaped, flower-shaped, prototype, square, palace lantern, and pendant. Only chandeliers, there are three prongs, four prongs, five prongs, six prongs...; According to the number of lamp holders, they can be divided into single head, three prongs and three fires, three prongs and four fires...; According to the material of the components, there are metal components and plastic According to the nature of the bulb, it can be divided into incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and low-power candle lamps; according to the size and volume, it can be divided into large, medium and small. Commonly used in living rooms and living rooms and the floor height is above 3m.

    LED panel light

    6. LED spotlight (the main model of LED spotlight is LED MR16)

    LED spotlight is a new variety developed in recent years. Its light direction is strong, the light color is good, and the color temperature is generally 2950K. Generally, there are various lamp stands, which can be adjusted up and down, left and right, and can be single or complete. The lamp head can be rotated at different angles, and can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the different positions of the working surface. It is small and exquisite and easy to use.

    Spotlights are generally installed on the wall or the top surface, and are mostly used in the key parts of room decoration, such as hanging noodles, handicrafts or drawing tables, and the lighting above the desk needs to be concentrated. Since spotlights are highly irritating to the eyes, they should not be directly used for indoor lighting. Mostly used to illuminate walls or specific objects. However, it is not advisable to use spotlights too much in the room, because the accumulated heat will generate high temperature in a short time, and if used for a long time, it will easily cause a fire.

    7. LED downlight

    The LED downlight is covered with a cylindrical lampshade on the light source, embedded in the ceiling or equipped with a fixture, and fixed in places that require local lighting, such as bedside, bookshelf, sofa, etc. On the ceiling, an embellished and evenly distributed light source that complements the main light is formed. The movable downlight can be arbitrarily set according to the lighting needs, one light is multi-purpose, flexible in movement, easy to use, and does not take up space.

    8. LED panel light

    LED panel light is a high-end indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodizing. The light source is LED. beautiful feeling.

    The LED panel light has a unique design. The light passes through the light guide plate with high light transmittance to form a uniform plane luminous effect. The illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft, comfortable and bright, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue. The LED panel light is also radiation-proof and will not irritate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly, and children.

    LED panel light

    9. LED flood light

    Refers to a light projector designed to illuminate a scene or object when the reference scene or object's lighting needs are much stronger than its background. Modern lamps can not only play an important role in lighting, but also an essential choice for home decoration.

    10. LED bulb light

    The LED bulb light is also easy to understand. LED bulb light is the incandescent lamp that everyone used at home. Now LED bulb light has been eliminated. There are two specifications, which are distinguished from the base. One is E27, and the E27 lamp head is the most commonly used screw lamp. , and the other is E14, which is relatively small and mainly used on candle lights (so I won't introduce candle lights, and temporarily include them in bulb lights, which are actually lights that look like candle flames).

    Well, the above is the whole content of the top ten LED lights brought to you by LED panel light manufacturer xinjielighting. I hope the above content will help you to distinguish LEDs. For more information about LED lights, please refer to our previous articles:

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