Construction and Types of LED Panel Lights

  • This article is written by Xinjielighting, a professional LED panel light manufacturer, and will briefly introduce the structure and types of LED panel lights, hoping to help you better understand LED panel lights.

    1. Overview of LED panel lights

    Main uses LED panel lights are widely used in company offices, colleges, hospitals, outpatient clinics, large shopping malls, home furniture and other venues due to their good uniformity of light intensity, high color rendering index, uniform and mild light, and comfort. The best replacement for a traditional grille light panel in the LED era.

    2. The structure of LED panel lights

    The key structure of product variety LED panel light includes structure, diffuser plate, light guide plate, LED lamp bead, driving power supply, solar cell and other components.

    1. Architecture: The compressive strength of the architecture affects the wear resistance

    The structure is a key part of the panel light, and the high compressive strength of the structure makes the panel light more durable. The materials used in the edge structure of LED panel lights are different, and their heat dissipation performance is also different. According to the survey, the key structural raw materials of today's panel lights are aluminum alloy profiles, stainless steel sheets, PC, A6063, plastic steel, stainless steel sheets and other materials.

    2. Diffuser plate: different materials have different light transmittance

    The function of the diffuser plate is to distribute the light of the light guide plate evenly, and it can also have the effect of blurring the business outlets. The key raw materials used are acrylic plate, PC, PS, etc.

    According to statistics, the transmittance of acrylic sheet is 92%, that of PC is 88%, and that of PS is about 80%; the transmittance of acrylic sheet raw materials is higher than that of PC, and the cost is lower, and its aging resistance is weak; Expensive, but has strong aging resistance.

    LED panel light

    3. Light guide plate: The plate is very harmful to special effects

    The function of the light guide plate is to map the light parallel to the direction of the light-transmitting plate into the direction of the vertical flat light-transmitting plate, and the light-guiding plate is mapped to the back of the panel lamp by the light-returning paper, and then the light is reflected out. In the whole process, it is also necessary to minimize the light loss. Generally speaking, the special effect of the light guide plate is very large in the design of the business outlet, followed by the selection of the plate.

    4. Switching power supply: constant current power supply mode with high efficiency

    There are two driving power modes for LED lights, one is constant current power supply, which has high efficiency, PF value as high as 0.95, and high cost performance; the other is constant current power source with constant current power supply, with stable performance, but high efficiency and low cost Increase.

    3. Types of LED panel lights

    Product category LED panel lights are divided into two categories: direct lighting and side lighting.

    The side-emitting LED panel light has the advantages of light weight and thin body, convenient installation and transportation, etc. The disadvantage is that it is very easy to emit uneven light;

    The advantages of the direct-emitting LED panel light are abundant chromaticity and cost management.

    The price of side-emitting panel lights is relatively expensive, and the price of direct-emitting panel lights is more expensive. Due to the relatively complex technology of side-emitting LED panel lights, it is determined by the variety of side-emitting products. Side-emitting LED panel lights are more expensive than straight-emitting LED panel lights. The technology and processing technology of light must be complicated, which makes it difficult to control the product qualification rate and product uniformity.

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