Introduction of 14D Tray, Degradable Eco-friendly Tableware

  • Degradable environmental protection tableware 14D Tray14D Tray, also known as "plant fiber environmental protection tableware", is mainly made of natural renewable straw fibers such as bagasse, wheat straw, rice husk straw, corn straw, reed straw, etc., and adopts a new process of plant fiber extraction. , Through grinding into powder, high-temperature molding, fine grinding, and other processes, the crop fiber is made into beautiful and practical environmental protection tableware 14D Tray.

    14D Tray Advantages of Degradable Environmentally Friendly Tableware

    Advantage 1: Meet the national environmental protection and hygiene requirements

    The raw materials of 14D Tray, a green and environmentally friendly degradable product, are all-natural plants, which are naturally sterilized at high temperatures during the production process. There is no pollution of waste liquid, harmful gas, and waste residue in the production process. Tray complies with national environmental hygiene requirements.

    Advantage 2: Improve white pollution

    Put an end to "white pollution", the cost of 14D Tray biodegradable raw materials is much lower than the price of plastic, and the disposable environmentally friendly tableware 14D Tray can completely replace disposable plastic tableware, solving the serious white pollution caused by plastic waste to the natural and ecological environment and destruction.

    Advantage 3: saving resources

    Save resources and protect the environment Wheat, corn, cotton, and cotton straw are inexhaustible and inexhaustible. 14D Tray is not only a saving of non-renewable petroleum resources but also a saving of wood and grain resources. At the same time, 14D Tray also Effectively alleviates the serious air pollution caused by the burning of waste crops in farmland.

    Eco-friendly household tableware 14D Tray Features

    1. 14D Tray does not contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury, which has zero pollution to the environment and zero worries about health. Presenting the primary color of natural straw, with a light natural aroma, returning to nature and originating from the truth;

    2. The bagasse can be turned into usable fibers by physical methods. 14D Tray does not contain chemical additives such as plasticizers, and does not contain formaldehyde and other toxic substances that endanger health;

    3. High density and high hardness created by high temperature hot pressing physical process, 14D Tray is strong and durable, not afraid of falling, can withstand a temperature of -30℃-60℃ and can be heated by microwave oven;

    4. It has good degradation performance and does not pollute the environment.

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