48V70AH powered battery copper foil market new "change"

  • The market competition pattern of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil is evolving, and enterprises in the industry chain are facing new opportunities and challenges.

    On the one hand, with the large-scale expansion of production capacity, the tight supply of the 48V70AH powered battery copper foil market has gradually eased, and it has begun to turn into a situation of overcapacity.

    48V70AH powered battery The competition in the copper foil track is becoming increasingly fierce, and the industry reshuffle is accelerating. It is a trend for leading companies to further develop and grow by integrating industry resources.

    On the other hand, in order to ensure a stable supply of copper foil and reduce costs, power battery companies have deployed 48V70AH powered battery copper foil supply by signing long supply orders, investing in shares, and establishing joint ventures.

    The competition of battery companies to take shares in copper foil companies will also have a significant impact on the overall market competition pattern of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil.

    In addition, the need for power batteries to improve energy density and safety performance is also accelerating the application of new materials.

    Composite copper foil is considered to be a good substitute for traditional 48V70AH powered battery copper foil due to its high safety, low cost, strong compatibility, and other performance advantages. It has attracted great attention from battery companies. 48V70AH powered battery copper foil companies are facing new challenges.

    The power battery production capacity is moving towards the TWh era, which will generate massive market demand for 48V70AH powered battery materials. The previous pure supply and demand cooperation model between material companies and battery companies will change. 48V70AH powered battery material companies need to be in production capacity, products, technology, capital, supply chain, etc. In order to meet the development needs of leading power battery companies, the overall dimension has been upgraded in an all-around way. Next, China's 48V70AH powered battery manufacturer Winshinepower will introduce the details of the 48V70AH powered battery copper foil industry in detail. Interested partners may wish to take a few minutes to take a look together.

    48V70AH powered battery copper foil industry mergers and acquisitions opened

    On October 20, a member of the G20-48V70AH powered battery summit - Nord (600110) announced that the company is planning to purchase Jiangxi Tongbo Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tongbo Technology") by issuing shares and paying cash. 100% equity.

    Just 5 days before the announcement, Nord shares also issued another announcement that the company intends to establish and manage the private equity fund (hereinafter referred to as "Kaibo Fund") initiated and managed by Kaibo Capital in cash to Fujian Qingjing Copper Foil. Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Qingjing Copper Foil") increased its capital by 1 billion yuan, and the capital increase will be used for the construction of the new project of Qingjing Copper Foil with an annual output of 25,000 tons of electrolytic copper foil.

    After this capital increase, Nord will hold 47.0588% equity in Qingjing Copper Foil, the company will become the single largest shareholder, and Qingjing Copper Foil will be included in the company's consolidated statements.

    Tongbo Technology was established in August 2016. The main products are electronic copper foil and 48V70AH powered battery copper foil. The products are mainly high-performance ultra-thin electronic copper foil above 6 microns (inclusive). The company's customers include Ningde Times, BYD, and Yiyi Battery companies such as Wei Lithium;

    Qingjing Copper Foil was established in May 2011. It is mainly engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of 4-8μm double-sided photoelectrolytic copper foil for 48V70AH powered batteries of new energy vehicles. Enterprises have reached cooperation.

    48V70AH powered battery

    Nord Co., Ltd. stated that the acquisition/capital increase and merger of companies in the same industry will help the company to steadily expand copper foil production capacity, increase market share, optimize the competition pattern, and further strengthen the company's overall competitiveness.

    Nord's acquisition of Tongbo Technology and Qingjing Copper Foil released a major message, that is, the industrial integration of the 48V70AH powered battery copper foil industry has begun. Leading copper foil companies with production capacity scale effects cost control capabilities and deep binding with major customers will further enhance their comprehensive competitiveness by integrating small and medium-sized copper foil companies.

    At the 2022 Gaogong 48V70AH powered battery material conference, Chen Yubi, executive vice president of Nord Co., Ltd., said that 48V70AH powered battery copper foil companies need to have a market, product, technology, production capacity, supply chain, and other aspects to stand out in the future market competition. Highlight competitive advantages.

    Nord Co., Ltd. has deployed production bases in Qinghai, Huizhou, Huangshi, Guixi, etc. The total production capacity of electrolytic copper foil has now reached 70,000 tons/year, and the planned production capacity is 105,000 tons.

    In the next five years, Nord will increase investment in production capacity, expand new production bases around the world, and strive to reach an annual production scale of 300,000 tons by 2027.

    Under this circumstance, Nord Co., Ltd. integrates two copper foil companies and can integrate its existing production capacity and customer groups into the company's system, quickly realize the expansion of copper foil production capacity, further increase market share, and strengthen the company's presence in the field of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil. competitive advantage.

    "At present, there are many players in the 48V70AH powered battery copper foil track market, and companies are expanding production on a large scale, but there are not many companies that really have the capacity scale, cost control capabilities, and technical advantages." Dr. Luo Jia, President of Telford Technology Sales, said Gaogong 48V70AH powered battery said that with the intensification of market competition, some small and medium-sized copper foil companies cannot be deeply bound with head power battery companies and will be gradually integrated by the industry in the future, and the market concentration of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil will also increase. higher.

    According to the incomplete statistics of Gaogong 48V70AH powered battery, in 2021, the number of domestic 48V70AH powered battery copper foil capacity expansion enterprises will exceed 25. In 2022, the domestic copper foil industry expansion competition will be further upgraded, the number of copper foil enterprises will further increase, and the new single project will have a larger production capacity and a faster landing speed.

    It is estimated that by 2025, the total domestic production capacity of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil will exceed 2 million tons, a year-on-year increase of more than 6 times, and the future market competition of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil will be more intense.

    Industry insiders pointed out that with the gradual release of new production capacity, the tight supply of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil will be eased, and it is expected that there will be excess capacity in the second half of 2023.

    At the same time, overcapacity will drive down processing fees, and the price of superimposed copper raw materials will drop. Power battery companies are also requiring copper foil companies to continue to reduce product prices. Copper foil companies will face huge pressure and challenges in reducing costs.

    With the escalation of market competition, some small and medium-sized copper foil companies and new entrants that do not have core competitive advantages will be eliminated in the fierce market competition in the future, or become the target of mergers and acquisitions of leading copper foil companies. 48V70AH powered battery copper Foil market share will be concentrated on leading companies.

    48V70AH powered battery enterprises "deeply tied" copper foil enterprises

    48V70AH powered battery shipments continue to grow and the production capacity expands on a large scale, a strong, complete, and diversified supply system has become the core competitive factor for power battery companies to participate in future market competition.

    An obvious change is that under the pressure of tight upstream supply and soaring prices, the power 48V70AH powered battery company has extended its raw material procurement projects from the four main materials to the more upstream precursors, lithium salts, additives, and other basic raw materials. The supply chain is further elongated.

    In this process, high-quality 48V70AH powered battery copper foil has become a "strategic" resource for power battery companies.

    Signing a long-term supply order, investing in shares, increasing capital, and building a joint venture has become effective way for battery companies to "arm" the supply of 48V70AH-powered battery copper foil, reduce production costs, and improve product profitability.

    In March 2021, CATL strategically invested in Telford Technology through its Chendao Capital, holding 3.87% of the shares; LG Chem also strategically invested in Telford Technology, holding 4.69% of the shares. At the same time, Ganfeng Lithium, Wanxiang 123, and Shengtun Mining also participated in the investment.

    Telford Technology's strategic investment from CATL and LG Chem is a landmark event in the copper foil industry, which kicked off the collective "arming" of battery companies in the copper foil supply chain of 48V70AH powered battery.

    48V70AH powered battery

    Since then, battery companies including Honeycomb Energy, Funeng Technology, BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Sunwangda, and Zhuhai Guanyu have also invested in other copper foil companies.

    For example, Funeng Technology invested 62.07 million yuan through its wholly-owned subsidiary to become its fourth largest shareholder, holding 3.54% of the shares; Honeycomb Energy invested 37.24 million yuan to become its seventh largest shareholder, holding 2.12% of the shares.

    Huaxin Materials has completed a new round of strategic financing. After the completion of this round of financing, Yiwei Lithium Energy indirectly holds 2.5201%; Ningde Times indirectly holds 2.2051%; Guoxuan Hi-Tech indirectly holds 0.63%; Xinwangda indirectly holds 0.63% %; Zhuhai Guanyu indirectly holds 0.63%, and Huayou Holdings holds 69.5167%.

    Guoxuan Hi-Tech also invested in Tongguan Copper Foil, and BYD invested in Tongbo Technology.

    Battery companies are rushing to invest in 48V70AH powered battery copper foil companies, indicating that battery companies have an urgent need to ensure a stable supply of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil and maintain stable prices.

    Driven by the increase in the price of copper raw materials, the increase in processing fees, and the growth in downstream market demand, the price of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil has risen sharply in recent years, and the cost of the 48V70AH powered battery pool has risen rapidly.

    In the first half of 2022, the cost ratio of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil in 5 series ternary cells has risen to third place, second only to positive electrodes and electrolytes, and the cost ratio of cells in other material systems is also different. degree of rise.

    The value of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil has evolved from a key auxiliary material to a core main material and has become a key link in maintaining the stability of the supply chain of power battery companies.

    Under this circumstance, the power battery company's stake in copper foil companies will be deeply bound, which will provide guarantees for the supply of 48V70AH powered battery copper foil and reduce procurement costs.

    It is worth noting that the current 48V70AH powered battery copper foil market has not yet emerged as an absolute leader, and the market concentration is significantly lower than that of positive electrodes, negative electrodes, separators, and electrolytes. Under this circumstance, power battery companies have invested in copper foil companies one after another, which may have a significant impact on the future 48V70AH powered battery copper foil market competition pattern.

    48V70AH powered battery composite copper foil is beginning to show its edge

    In order to improve battery energy density and safety and reduce costs, 48V70AH powered battery copper foil is developing in the direction of high density, thinness, high tensile strength, and high elongation.

    Among them, the composite copper foil has the performance advantages of improving battery safety, improving energy density, reducing manufacturing cost, and strong compatibility. It is considered to be a good substitute for traditional 48V70AH powered battery copper foil and has received extensive attention both inside and outside the industry.

    The composite current collector is a kind of "sandwich" layer made of polymer insulating resin PET/PP and other materials, and metal copper is deposited on the upper and lower sides to form a sandwich structure of "metal conductive layer-PET/PP polymer material support layer-metal conductive layer" The new 48V70AH powered battery material.

    48V70AH powered battery

    Compared with traditional copper foil, the composite copper foil has the advantages of solving battery safety problems (puncturing will not cause burrs to cause internal short circuits), improving energy density (increasing 5%-10%), reducing manufacturing costs (reducing more than 50%), and improving cycle life. (increase by more than 5%) and strong compatibility (compatible with lithium/sodium/solid-state batteries) and other advantages.

    Based on this, leading power battery companies have taken the lead in establishing research on composite copper foils, and have even installed vehicles for testing, showing strong interest in composite copper foils.

    Under this circumstance, the composite copper foil track is heating up rapidly, attracting many industrial chain companies to compete for layout. Since 2022, a number of listed companies have announced to invest in the construction of composite copper foil projects, and huge equipment orders have been placed one after another.

    Among them, Jinmei New Materials, Hanyu New Materials, and other companies have achieved leading advantages in the industrialization of composite current collectors, and have already sent samples to downstream customers and even started large-scale mass production.

    Faced with the challenge that composite copper foil may replace 48V70AH powered battery copper foil on a large scale in the future, traditional copper foil companies such as Nord Co., Ltd. and Telford Technology have carried out research on the industrialization of composite copper foil.

    It is reported that Nord Co., Ltd. has established a test line for composite copper and aluminum foil materials, and is already in the process of product sample delivery testing, which can be customized according to customer needs.

    Telford Technology is also developing composite current collector products and sending samples to customers for testing. At the same time, it is also studying and using the technology of producing composite copper foil to develop other new materials and explore application opportunities in other fields.

    However, composite copper foil is still facing bottlenecks such as immature production equipment and processes, low production efficiency and low product yield, and is still in the period of technological improvement as a whole, and there is still a certain distance from large-scale industrialization.

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