What should I pay attention to when printing on a rewinder?

  • Today, the rewinder manufacturer Deguang will bring you the basic knowledge of rewinder printing, and will also introduce the main functions of the rewinder. Interested partners will go and have a look.

    Introduction of Rewinder

    The rewinder is the most common type of adhesive tape equipment. It is mainly used to rewind large rolls of materials into small rolls. The most basic requirement is that the original characteristics of the material can be maintained after rewinding, and wrinkles and bubble.

    Rewinder classification

    Rewinders can be divided into single-shaft rewinders, dual-shaft rewinders, and shaftless rewinders.

    The shaftless rewinder adopts the surface rewinding method, and can use various tube cores with different inner hole diameters to rewind materials, so it has a wide range of applications; it can also be used to rewind ultra-transparent materials, especially suitable for Rewinding OPP super transparent tape, PET protective film, etc.

    The double-shaft rewinder adopts two rewinding shafts for exchange rewinding. When one of the rewinding shafts is in the rewinding operation, the other can be used for tube loading or unloading operations. Therefore, the work of this type of rewinding machine is The highest efficiency is theoretically twice that of a single-shaft rewinder.

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    Main functions of the rewinder

    a. Two-segment meter controls the length of rewinding; automatic braking to stop;

    b. Automatic control of unwinding tension and control of winding tension;

    c. The arched rubber roller spreads the material and removes the wrinkles in a limited way;

    d. The embossed shaft conveys the material and is plated with Teflon for anti-sticking treatment;

    e. Use a silicone pressure roller to remove air bubbles, and the pressure can be adjusted to make the rewinding material tight and appropriate;

    Basic knowledge of rewinder printing

    1. The rewinder adjusts the printing pressure.

    In the process of offset printing, each of the two adjacent cylinders of the printing plate, rubber, and imprinting cylinders contacts and squeezes each other to play a transfer role. In order to obtain normal ink transfer on the printed paper of the rewinder, and to truly reproduce the continuous tone characters, lines, images, and halftone dots in the graphics and text parts, these imprints must be in addition to the surface contact of the two rollers of the rewinder. Apply the necessary printing pressure.

    The severity of the printing pressure of the rewinding machine and the accuracy of the adjustment and mastery will directly determine the size of the ink color and the degree of depth of the rewinding machine's image and text transfer and printing dot reproduction. It is necessary to adjust the center distance between the impression cylinder and the blanket cylinder during self-adhesive printing on the rewinder, and the center distance of the cylinder can be increased by about 0.2 to 0.4 mm.

    If the paper changes from thick to thin, the reduced thickness, that is, the thickness of the lining removed from the printing plate liner should be added to the blanket cylinder; Subtract a certain thickness from the cylinder liner and add the corresponding thickness to the liner of the rewinder plate cylinder.

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    The rewinder should be pressed and compacted when loading the plate to prevent relative slippage during printing. In practice, the ideal printing pressure of the rewinder is generally controlled at about 0.15-0.25mm. It must be emphasized that the ideal printing of the rewinder is The pressure is to use the minimum pressure to make the imprint of the graphic part of the printing plate strong enough on the paper and the dots to be clear and complete under the condition of compression and deformation of a certain printing surface.

    2. Pay attention to the adjustment of the feeding part of the rewinder when printing self-adhesive.

    The air volume of the paper suction nozzle and the paper blowing nozzle in the paper feeding part of the rewinder should be increased accordingly.

    3. The paper separation suction nozzle and the paper feeding suction nozzle should be replaced with a larger diameter and thicker rubber apron, so as to realize the purpose of smooth paper feeding of the rewinder and no swinging of the paper feeding roller.

    4. Since the printing self-adhesive is the thickness of two layers of coated paper, the thickness of the paper should be paid attention to and the gap between the double-sheet controllers of the rewinder should also be increased accordingly. The distance between them should be increased.

    5. The distance between the paper feeding tooth pad and the surface of the impression cylinder and between the paper feeding tooth pad and the feeding board should be increased, and the distance should be approximately equal to the thickness of the paper plus 0.3mm.

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