How to deal with the failure of powder filling machine?

  • Foreword

    The powder filling machine is mainly used for quantitative packaging of powder materials and is suitable for quantitative packaging of powder, powder, and powder materials in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and sideline products, and other industries. Next, the filling machine manufacturer Beiltmachinery will introduce the troubleshooting measures of the powder filling machine in detail.

    1 Upgrade and innovation of powder filling machine production

    Today, with the rapid development of chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries and the acceleration of consumption upgrades, powder-filling machine manufacturers on the market have also made a lot of upgrades and innovations.

    For example, in order to better control the accuracy of powder-filling gram weight, some companies have launched automatic quantitative powder-filling machines. The online weighing of electronic scales of this type of equipment overcomes the shortcomings of changes in packaging weight due to changes in material-specific gravity. Tracking corrections can also be performed automatically for different materials.

    Powder filling machin

    In addition, on the display screen of the powder filling machine, the filling weight can also be directly set, which effectively improves the filling accuracy; some manufacturers, under the background of the integration of the concept of green environmental protection, are prone to appear in the filling process of powder products. The problems of dust leakage, cross-contamination, and environmental pollution are discussed, and the structure and performance of the upgraded equipment can be improved to better meet the market demand; there are also manufacturers who create different styles of packaging equipment according to individual needs of users, such as full-size packaging equipment. Automatic powder filling machine, bag feeding type, four-side sealing bag type, quantitative type, etc., and we have worked hard to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency.

    2 PLC failure of powder filling machine

    The industry pointed out that the use of powder-filling machines in many industries can be said to be very simple, but whether it is semi-automatic or fully automatic, some problems will inevitably occur after a long time, especially for some customers who do not know the machine. , which tends to get confused when it encounters failures. So, in the face of powder filling machine failure, how to find the problem and solve it?

    The technician pointed out that if the motor is controlled at this point, the fault phenomenon of the powder filling machine is that after a signal starts the motor, the motor runs, but after the stop signal is sent, the motor does not stop running. When the powder filling machine PLC is powered off, the motor stops. run; if the solenoid valve is controlled at this point, the fault phenomenon is that the solenoid valve coil of the powder filling machine is not energized, and the cylinder does not reset.

    In view of the above situation, it is recommended to use an external force to hit the PLC to separate the adhesion points to assist in judging the fault.

    3 Magnetic switch failure of powder filling machine & solenoid valve failure

    Magnetic switch failure of powder filling machine

    The magnetic switch is mainly used to detect the position of the air cylinder of the powder filling machine and control the stroke of the air cylinder. The actions of the four air cylinders of lamination, push bag, press bag and melting knife are related to each other, and the magnetic switch is used to detect and control their positions.

    According to reports, the main reason for the failure of the powder filling machine is that the subsequent cylinder does not move. The reason is that the cylinder speed of the powder filling machine is relatively fast so the magnetic switch cannot detect the signal. , the pressure package and the melting knife cylinder do not move.

    Powder-filling machine solenoid valve failure

    The failure of the solenoid valve is mainly manifested in that the cylinder does not move or reset because the solenoid valve of the cylinder cannot be reversed or blow-by gas. If the solenoid valve of the powder filling machine is blowing air, because the air inlet and outlet are connected, the air pressure of the powder filling machine cannot reach the working pressure, and the knife beam does not rise in place. The knife beam protection proximity switch does not work, the conditions for the entire machine to operate are not established, and the powder filling machine cannot operate, which is easily confused with electrical faults.

    In response to this situation, technicians said that they can listen carefully to the sound source and search for the leak point by hand. Generally, it is easy to find the solenoid valve of the blow-by gas of the powder filling machine.

    Well, the above is the whole content of the powder-filling machine fault solutions that BEILT, a powder-filling machine company, brought to you today. For more information about filling machines, please refer to the following:

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