How to debug the paste filling machine?

  • The carrying of the paste is cumbersome, so the paste-filling machine was produced. After packaging, people can take the paste anywhere at will without worrying about deformation and deterioration, so it is a very reliable choice. Everyone has experience in the purchase of paste-filling machines, such as the manufacturer's brand, the service level, and the quality of the machine. So how much do you know about installation, debugging, and usage precautions? Technicians must learn it. Next, interested partners should go and have a look at professional paste filling machine manufacturer Beiltmachinery.

    First, the installation and debugging of the paste filling machine.

    The easiest way is to read the manual. The basic steps are to compress the air, add oil, check for air leakage, and make quantitative adjustments. As long as you find the right position, for example, you need to find the valve for compressed air, find the lubricator for refueling, and adjust it. handwheel, etc. Good quality machines will have scale and rotation prompts, so they will guide everyone to operate according to regulations. Of course, many manufacturers of paste-filling machines will also demonstrate the usage specifications before selling the equipment, so that everyone will be more intuitive.

    Paste-filling machine

    Second, the cleaning requirements of the paste-filling machine.

    We need to clean the paste-filling machine regularly, the items used are non-woven fabrics because it is soft enough and will not cause damage to the equipment. Once the equipment is not cleaned, it is likely to cause dirt due to long-term use, which will affect everyone's use efficiency. So this is also a procedure that must be done in the maintenance work.

    Third, the maintenance method of the paste-filling machine.

    In order to prolong the life of the paste-filling machine, it is necessary to learn maintenance knowledge. We need to set it according to the performance of the filling machine and the principle of use. For example, use regular operation methods, pay attention to the operation time of the machine, and do not operate excessively. In particular, do not exceed the operating load of the machine, so as to make the filling more accurate.

    Usually, people have to check the sealing system of the paste-filling machine, which is closely related to the amount of filling, so it cannot be ignored. Another method is very simple. People usually set the measurement standard. Once they find that there is instability, the first direction to consider is the sealing problem! This is the experience of many technicians, and it is worth learning repeatedly.

    Well, the above is the whole content about the installation, debugging, cleaning requirements, and maintenance of the paste-filling machine brought to you today by Beiltmachinery, a paste-filling machine manufacturer. I hope this article can help you use the paste better. Body filling machine, more information about filling machine can be found below:

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