Teaching reading and writing

  • Teaching reading and writing to the first grade of primary school Several methods can be used to teach reading and writing to students of the first grade of primary school and other primary grades, including the traditional method;

    التحضير الإلكتروني لمادة سوبر جول

    It is providing information to children in the traditional way while leaving the task of absorption to the child, and children often suffer from slow absorption and understanding as a result of using this method, so new methods must be devised that stimulate the child’s comprehension and develop his mental abilities, and the following are some methods that help deliver information to children in a faster and easier way: [3] Using distinctive and attractive tools while explaining to students, including the use of different colors of chalk used to write on the blackboard, giving the child attractive colored pens with beautiful drawings, and notebooks with pages of different colors for the child to use during the writing process. Use beautiful texts and attractive stories while teaching a child to read, and avoid using boring and difficult texts. Print the letters in a beautiful and colorful way and hang them in the classroom. Providing material and moral rewards for outstanding children, as this helps to stimulate and raise the spirit of competition among students, and it also pushes the student to make a double effort to obtain the reward. Allocate a portion a week to show a cartoon film for teaching reading and writing. There are many TV programs specialized in producing cartoon films and series to teach reading and writing to children and to develop mental skills. Allocating a share per week for electronic applications, and this can be done by downloading an educational application on the school computer, then allowing all students in the classroom to use it, and it is preferable that the application be dedicated to educational competitions, such as answering the questions contained in the application and giving a final result to the child.