Large-Size Polymer Fiber Optic Panel Technology For LCD Splicin

  • LCD splicing screen is a new display carrier that has gradually entered people's lives and work in recent years, using LCD display units composed of display walls, began to be promoted and applied in all walks of life.

    But in the production process of the LCD splicing screen, due to the LCD display unit side of the fragile circuit board arrangement, the formation of a very obvious splicing seam affects the display effect of the LCD splicing screen. The use of fiber optic panel image transfer has a certain magnification characteristic and LCD panel docking together can achieve a high-definition seamless display of LCD super large screen.

    The research on large-scale fabrication technology of large-size polymer fiber optic panels has not been reported yet.YOUSHENQIAN has developed polymer image transfer fiber with light quality, good flexibility, easy bending, not easy to break the wire, long service life, and low manufacturing price in recent years.

    LCD splicing screen

    On this basis, we prepared prefabricated optical polymer fiber panel rods by arranging optical fibers in a hexagonal stacking pattern in a self-designed mold using a stacking-thermal fusion process using commercial 500 μm diameter low-loss PMMA fibers as the starting material. The prefabricated rods were then stretched, cut, and spliced to develop new technology for the preparation of dimensional fiber panels.

    New technology for super large-size fiber-optic panels. The thickness of the spliced panel sample is 2 mm, the pixel diameter is 500 um, the total number of pixels is 59052, and the resolution is 1.151 p/mm. This large-size panel has good image transfer capability for the large-size screen. Due to the large diameter of the optical fiber monofilaments that make up the fiber panel, the image transmission capability of the large panel is good. The resolution is low because the diameter of the fiber monofilament is still large, and the resolution of small size objects is not enough. The large-size fiber-optic panels prepared with this technology can be used for large screens. The fiber-optic panels prepared by this technology can be used for the protection of large LCD splicing and the elimination of display splicing seams, with promising applications.