How to choose an insulated rubber paint water bottle

  • Insulated rubber paint water bottle is a common thermos bottle, how to choose insulated rubber paint water bottle? Below Shuanghe tells you some basic requirements for insulated rubber paint water bottle, I hope it will help you!

    Insulated rubber paint water bottle

    1. Inner liner material

    Insulated rubber paint water bottle's inner liner material is mostly stainless steel. Some people may have heard that the insulation cup can not be used to make tea, think tea soaked in stainless steel for a long time will precipitate heavy metal substances, in fact, do not worry, this statement does not have much actual data to support. That is to say, the use of qualified stainless steel insulation cup tea will not precipitate heavy metals, tea will not corrode the inner liner!

    2. Opening method

    There are three main ways to open the insulated rubber paint water bottle, one is to press the lid open, one is to rotate the lid open, two ways have their own advantages! Press to open the lid is easy to operate, just gently press to open the lid, easy to use. It is suitable for scenarios where both hands are inconvenient and cannot be rotated to open the insulation cup. However, if the lid is placed in the bag, the switch may be touched by mistake, causing hot water to spill out, so it is best to choose a model with a safety lock. If you're not looking for a convenient lid, then a swivel insulated mug will suffice. Put it in the bag, just screw the lid on, there will be no accidental touch leakage of water.

    3. Portable

    The insulated rubber paint water bottle is the most convenient to carry around. This can be considered according to personal needs, but if it is only for office or home use, then the requirements for portability can be lowered, after all, the material is good and the insulation effect is the first thing!

    4. Thermal insulation

    Insulated rubber paint water bottle insulation effect is still quite important, after all, buy the insulation is not long, that is to buy a lonely. Generally speaking insulated rubber paint water bottle warm 100 ° C hot water six hours after the water temperature can have 60 ° C or even higher, keep cold 1 ° C - 5 ° C cold water six hours after the water temperature has 10 ° C or even lower can.

    5. Leak-proof or not

    No one wants to put the bottle in their bag after filling it with water and then have it leak if they bump it around. If no water spills, the seal is good.