The Role Of Pet Beds For Dogs

  • Dogs look as if they can lie down anywhere to sleep, and some people may feel that they don't have to care too much about the choice of pet beds. In fact, this is not the case, although the dog can lie on the floor to sleep, but a good pet bed can do more than just sleep. What do we need to consider when buying a dog bed?

    First, Understand Why We Need To Buy a Dog Bed?

    (1) Dog Bed Is a Place For Dogs To Relax

    I'm sure we've all experienced how comfortable lying in bed is, and it's the best way for us to relax. Although the family dog stays at home for a long time, rarely disturbed by the outside world, they also need a place to relax. If the dog is afraid of thunder, it can nestle in its own pet bed, maybe it will make it feel better.

    (2) Improve The Quality Of Your Dog's Sleep

    Dogs sleep for a long time, needing an average of 12 to 14 hours of rest a day, and even longer for older dogs. The better the quality of sleep, the better the dog's spirit will be and the healthier his body will be. For puppies, in particular, a good pet bed will allow them to grow up healthier.

    (3) Keeping Your Dog Quiet

    When your dog is restless, you can let him lie down on a comfortable pet bed so that maybe he will become quieter.

    What Types Of Pet Beds Are There?

    Commercially available dog beds are broadly divided into three types, respectively, "orthopedic", "dome-shaped" and "mat type", each with its own characteristics.

    (1) Orthopedic Pet Beds

    The orthopedic pet bed has no top, and the dog can observe what is going on around it while lying on it. This pet bed is shaped like a very shallow box and is available in square or round shapes. Since it is surrounded by a perimeter, the dog can use the side of the bed as a pillow when lying on it.

    (2) Dome-Shaped Pet Beds

    This shape of the dog bed looks like a small house, compared to the orthopedic type, which mainly has an extra top. This type of pet bed can cover the dog's body, has good warmth, especially suitable for the wintertime.

    (3) Mat Type Pet Beds

    This is a type of pet bed without edges that looks like a blanket. This type of pet bed is perfect for the hot summer months, the fabric inside is not only soft and comfortable, but the dog also will not feel very hot when lying on it.

    Mat Type Pet Beds