Pet Summer Supplies Sales Boom

  • The hot summer is coming, and a variety of pet summer supplies also entered the sales season. The reporter learned from Ningbo General Union pet supplies manufacturer, the current pet sofa, pet hair sweeper, pet carriers, and other supplies are very popular, a warm and comfortable pet bed has even been sold out.

    According to Ningbo General Union pet supplies manufacturer, as the weather gets hotter, many families will give their pets a bath once a month to 2 weeks or once a week. The best-selling brands of pet hair sweepers are ipets, etc., with medium- and high-grade sweepers being the most popular.

    The staff does not just advise customers to sell more but will remind pet owners that too many baths can cause harm to pets and even skin diseases, so they should not be more diligent than once a week. Pet hair sweeper is the best seller is driven by the current peak season of pet grooming.

    Pet hair sweeper

    In addition, how to safely carry pets in the car, is also a problem that many consumers pay attention to.

    A kind of PVC car pet bag produced by the manufacturer of Ningbo General Union pet supplies is very popular. According to reports, although there are very Car pet bag series supplies on the market, the surface workmanship is rough, there are doubts, more or less will make the pet some discomfort, expensive purebred dogs and cats often have poor tolerance, and even allergies, vomiting phenomenon.

    The PVC Car pet bag produced by Ningbo General Union pet supplies is harmless to pets, people, and the surrounding environment, and can be used for many years while driving, and pets can sleep in it, the price of the PVC car pet bag is negotiable.

    PVC car pet bag

    The hot summer days tend to make pets irritable and more difficult to tolerate various dry environments, so Ningbo General Union pet anti-slip fountain pool began to sell well.

    When pets play with pet anti-slip fountain pool, it not only makes pets happy physically and mentally but also serves to lower their body temperature and prevent them from getting heat stroke.

    pet anti-slip fountain pool