Pet Supplies Market Survey

  • Pets are becoming an important companions in people's lives. As a result, the pet supplies market has emerged and its economic scale is growing, bringing development opportunities for a range of products related to the pet industry. So, We should strive to seize the opportunity to promote overall economic development.

    Pet Supplies Market Background

    In today's society, keeping pets has become a fashion, and there are many different kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, snakes, rabbits, fish, birds, turtles, and so on. In today's China, the pet industry is still in the sunrise stage. According to the latest statistics, by the end of 2015, the number of pet dogs in China has reached 90 million, plus the unregistered, number of Chinese pet dogs reached 150 million, and the number has increased by 500 percent compared to ten years ago. There are also 50 million domestic cats, and the pet supplies industry sales are expected to reach 50 billion RMB.

    Upgrading Of Pet Supplies

    Compared to the traditional concept of keeping pets, there has been a great breakthrough in the development of pets in China. In the past, people kept pets only for security reasons, mostly dogs, and some people chose to keep cats because they could catch mice. In the past, these pets were not really called "pets", they had other names, such as "pet sofa", "pet carrier", "pet bed" and so on. These animals were kept to watch the house and catch mice, but they were not very expensive, and naturally, they did not need any pet supplies other than their daily food. With the development of urbanization, people's living standards are constantly improving, and pets have gone through the journey from rural houses to urban high-rise buildings. Gradually, their duties are not limited to guarding the home against theft.

    Along with the development of the pet industry, pet grooming stores, pet supplies supermarkets, pet clinics, and so on have begun to appear in cities. Pet supplies are becoming more and more diversified, such as pet cages, pet food, pet toys, pet training products, pet clothing, accessories, pet collars, pet leashes, pet beds, pet accessories, pet bowls, feeders, pet cleaning and beauty products and so on.

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    Pet Supplies Market Status

    At the present stage, the family structure in China is basically dominated by only children, and most of them do not want to live with the elderly after they become a family, thus forming the social form of "empty nest elderly". Older couples often feel dull and bored after their children start a family. In this case, they choose to keep pets to add some fun to their lives and not feel lonely.

    Another social phenomenon is another important reason for the pet boom, due to the improvement of people's values, there are more and more single men and women in society, they will have pets to kill their boring time, because this part of people have a certain economic base, so they will be willing to buy a lot of pet supplies to ensure that their other "little buddy" to enjoy comfortable living conditions.

    At the same time, there is no lack of such a group of people in society, they have expensive pets to show off their status, this group of people will be the largest number of pet supplies consumers in the pet supplies buying crowd. As a result, the development of pet products will see a new climax. At present, it is the preparation and development period for this climax.

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