The Pet Supplies Market Analysis

  • Pet Supplies Market Size

    Compared with other developed countries, the mainland pet supplies market started late and showed a more rapid development growth rate after 2008. At present, China's pet-keeping families already have a certain scale, keeping pets mainly dogs and cats, according to the 2019 China Pet Industry White Paper, the number of people keeping dogs and cats in China's cities and towns reached 75 million in 2020, and the market size of dogs and cats reached 220 billion yuan, with market size of 23.4% growth compared to 2019, and it is expected that in 2025 the market size can reach 300 billion yuan.

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    Pet Supplies Market Prospects

    With the growth of GDP per capita, the people's living standards, the pet market will also grow, coupled with the high proportion of modern young people who are not married and infertile, pet supplies gradually become a necessity, and pets are not only simple breeding, but more of a spiritual companionship, which is a very good trend.

    Pet Supplies Supply Chain

    As the status of pets continues to improve, we found that the parents of your fur children's pet supplies requirements continue to grow, there are many rich choose imported products, indeed, much better, due to the late start of China's pet supplies supply chain, the quality is still much worse, at present, with the growth of the number of users, the share of sales of major enterprises is also growing, domestic brands cost-effective, which is currently a very competitive market, I believe that the pet supplies supply chain is rapidly increasing with time, the national trust in domestic will also continue to increase.

    Pet Supplies Diversity

    Pet supplies cover a large number of categories, involving a variety of life scenarios and needs of pets such as "food, housing, clothing, transportation and play", including pet food, litter, climbing frames, clothing, toys, traction, cleaning utensils, and eating utensils and other products.

    Here is our pet supplies show:

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    Pet Supplies Customers

    With the rise of Pet Supplies Customers, pets have become the market demand, but China's pet supplies market is still in its infancy, and completely has not formed a larger market, so this is a relatively early market, individuals are still very much looking goods this industry.

    Through the above analysis, we can see that the development prospects of the pet supplies market are still very good, I hope it can bring help to you.