Another balance to maintain is between wow

  • In retrospect , there's been plenty we could have made of Warlords of Draenor in regards to stories did not get completed. We set up subplots and other villains that weren't fully resolved. We showed the plight of the Draeneiat Shattrath City, located in the heart of Draenor Then we continued to the last complication to the character. This is a mystery that remains unsolved buy WoTLK Gold. We're working to not do that in Legion. It's about striking an equilibrium. It's a ton of stories creating the world and creating the content. And then when the next expansion is finished and everyone is ready to accept it, we move towards that.

    Another balance to maintain is between players that are at their highest levels and totally involved in the latest content when it is released and those who enjoy a relaxed, casual and tackling it in their own way. How do you approach that?

    It's difficult because, as the truism says, you can't please everyone every time. But it's our job and we must try to do this. I think it is through sheer variety and diversity of content, and approaches to the game. I'm sure in Legion we tried our best to accommodate the most diverse variety of styles of play, starting with the kid who has plenty of time at their disposal and wants strive to achieve top marks in the world at raiding or arena, to someone who is less formal, prefers the solitude of gaming, questing and exploration. One who used be a hardcore player 10 years ago but now has a child and is trying keep a little amount of time to play after the kids are asleep could be looking for challenging content however, they shouldn't be looking for long time-commitment content cheap WoW WoTLK Classic Gold.