Siakam was down one point to 85 in 2K23


    Durant is not the only one to take issue with his numbers. Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson was also upset that he got a rating of 88 for three-point shooters. He was ranked second and 11 points ahead of his teammate Curry."Put some respect into your name, you idiots NBA 2K23 MT," Thompson wrote, referencing the NBA 2K.The 32-year-old is in second with Desmond Bane, Kevin Durant, and Luke Kennard.

    While Thompson is unhappy about his position in the rankings, Minnesota Timberwolves big man Karl-Anthony towns is unhappy that he was not named into the list of top 5 three-point players in the game.The reigning NBA Three-Point Contest champion's doubtful face emoji with an ambiguous question mark says everything.

    NBA 2K23: Who's got the most critics of the game's rating? The original version of this article was on NBC Sports Washington. We've already seen it happen with Klay Thompson and Jaylen Brown. But not everyone is thrilled with their "NBA 2K23" ratings. It's a theme that is evident during each NBA 2K game: Some ratings may not be in sync to the player's output over the course of the season.While Thompson's three-point rating (88) and Brown's overall rating (87) are worthy additions in this list, we'll omit them for others.

    The following are 5 of the biggest mistakes made in "NBA 2K23" the most recent installment of the series of games: After scoring average of 87 in "NBA 2K22."" Pascal Siakam was down one point to 85 in 2K23. While he and his Toronto Raptors endured a sluggish start last season, Siakam was at the leading the team's progress towards the top of to the Eastern Conference ladder. This included a stretch of 16 games of March where he scored 25.9 points per contest NBA 2K MT For Sale, and followed by 28.4 scores per contest in five games in April.