FIFA's playable fantasy football mode as well as the virtual

  • Ultimate Team - FIFA's playable fantasy football mode as well as the virtual counterpart to the European Super League FIFA 23 coins- now lets you build a star-studded team thanks to a more accommodating approach to how its team chemistry system functions. Players in the same league country no longer need to be next to each other in your chosen formation to improve your chemistry score also, and they're not forced to become uninterested in football even if they don't share any of their fellow players.

    Some will welcome the extra freedom this gives when shopping on the transfer market, but it feels a bit like a large part that made making an exciting and challenging team has been eliminated. Whatever the case, FUT is still largely paid-to-win and reflects all the bad aspects of football today. Oh, and the interface is as friendly as the local Rangers pub for someone sporting an Celtic scarf.

    Career mode has received an overhaul in appearance to make it more in line with the rest of the game however it's played identical to the previous. If you are an opponent, there's now RPG-style rewards to be earned in relation to how you conduct yourself both on and off of the pitch in addition to the ability to play the role of real-life coaches and players rather than creating one from scratch.

    What's less clear is career mode's continued attempts to make you play less football. EA had already introduced an array of training features that felt like admin, but now you also have the option to watch the highlights of games instead of playing for the full 90 minutes buy FUT 23 coins. If you're playing football this is a little confusing.