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    The Saturday 1 p.m. slate features several games that will have important playoff implications. one of the most critical games will be played at the Georgia Dome when the Atlanta Falcons (6-4) will face Minnesota Vikings (7-3). Minnesota Vikings (7-3). The Falcons are reeling after the start of 5-0, having losing four of their five previous games. It appears that the Falcons are also allowing other teams catch up during their NFC Wild Card race. The Vikings dropped to the top spot in their division after they were defeated on the road by their nearest rivals, the Green Bay Packers, but they are still a major player throughout the NFC. Our experts predict to see the tailspin from Atlanta to continue, choosing Minnesota with a 6-2 advantage.

    The NFC East is as big and dismal like ever. A crucial divisional match will take place at FedEx Field when Washington (4-6) plays in the New York Giants (5-5). The Giants are having a break following their brutal loss in the division to The New England Patriots in Week 10 and Washington's development was slowed by a crushing defeat from the Panthers. It's a good thing since the competition is this large, there's no agreement on which team to play, with only a slight edge of 5-3 for the Giants.

    In the afternoon slot In the late afternoon, the Seattle Seahawks host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the rematch from the infamous Super Bowl 40. Seattle is back to .500 following a win against San Francisco 49ers. San Francisco 49ers, but Marshawn Lynch is believed to miss time with a potential sports hernia. It's a good thing the Seahawks have seen the rise of undrafted rookie Thomas Rawls buy madden nfl 23 coins, who carved into their 49ers with 255 total yards and two touchdowns. The 5-5 Seahawks will have to defend themselves in the playoffs especially after a loss in their home encounter against Arizona Cardinals.