The roster contains players from the World of Warcraft

  • Then a tribute spawns or a chest appears out there buy WoTLK Gold, and suddenly you're traveling across the globe to collect these dwarves. The game quickly changes from one-versus-ones to five-versus-fives and then back to one-versus-ones. We wanted to capture that feeling of it being an ongoing battle against the opposition team. You never know what you're going to run into as you're always fighting not just a couple of adversaries.

    The phrases we have chosen I'm not sure whether they're ideal. But we're trying make sense of the core of the Heroes of the Storm feeling.

    The roster contains players from the World of Warcraft , Starcraft, and World of Warcraft universes.

    ZT: What made you decide to make Heroes of the Storm a separate game, in contrast to releasing it as a custom map to Starcraft II?

    DB: This was in 2010. We didn't necessarily have the most vibrant mod community in Starcraft as of yet. The more we developed the game, there was increased positive comments we received from several BlizzCon excursions. The more comments we received from people inside the studio on what a great game it was, we realized that we must create its own title. The game was kind of hidden in Starcraft was not doing justice to it. We talked about for quite a while, making it as an extremely small game, and then putting it out as a mod. We started this in 2010 cheap WoTLK Classic Gold. We had planned to make the game in a small amount, and put it out with our tools to ensure that it let our community know how powerful our tools were.