An issue with one of FIFA 23's"Hero Packs

  • So when EA accidentally released a pack which included a tradeable Hero item for the low-low price of 25,000 FUT coins The market was hit by an abundance of low-cost Heroes FUT 23 coins, causing it to plummet and wipe out some of those rarer items. People who held on to rare Heroes began to sell them as they watched prices fall and putting more fuel into the fire. This is understandable since the rarity of Hero items are worth hundreds of dollars in real-world value when sold on third-party platforms.

    The error has been rectified, with the pack only running for about 25 minutes however, the damage had been done. EA has not yet made a comment regarding the issue, and as the market has begun to recover, the loss appears to be irreversible, and it remains to be seen what the publisher will take to rectify the situation.

    Did you score yourself a bargain in the FIFA 23 FUT fire sale? What do you think the next play is here? Start your thoughts in the comments section below.

    An issue with one of FIFA 23's"Hero Packs" has been quite expensive after an exchangeable FIFA Ultimate Team Hero item was put on the game's virtual transfer market for a heavily reduced rate. Chaos ensued as players attempted to sell their belongings in the event that their value fell, seeking to recover losses as the market was saturated.

    FUT Hero items are rare and therefore valuable. Each one is associated with an athlete who has made a significant contributions to their team or is popular with fans for any reason buy FIFA 23 coins. A Hero item can go for millions of FUT coins in a single transaction in the market for virtual transfers or acquired through purchasing packs, though there is a small likelihood of getting one.