A bargain during this FIFA 23 FUT fire sale


    FUT Hero items are extremely rare and are therefore highly valuable. Each item is associated with a footballer who's played a a significant contribution to the club or is a popular fan favorite for some reason or other FIFA 23 coins. A Hero item can go for hundreds of millions FUT coins per piece on the virtual transfer market or can be acquired by purchasing packs, though there is a low possibility of getting one.

    Therefore, when EA wrongly launched a pack that contained a tradeable Hero item for the low-low price of 250 FUT coins, the market was hit by an influx of cheap Heroes and caused the price to fall and destroying the value that was supposed to be attached to rarer items. Collectors of rare Heroes began selling them off when they noticed prices dropping that put an ember into the flames. It's understandable given that rarer Hero items can fetch hundreds of dollars when sold on third-party platforms.

    The mistake has been corrected but the packs are only available for about 25 minutes however the damage has been done. EA is yet to make a statement regarding the issue, and even though the market is beginning to recover, the loss seems to be irreparable and it is yet to be determined what the publisher is able to make to fix the issue.

    Did you grab yourself a bargain during this FIFA 23 FUT fire sale? Do you have any thoughts on EA's next move is? Comment on the kick-off below.

    A mishap with one of FIFA 23's Hero Packs has resulted in a rather expensive price after the tradeable FIFA Ultimate Team Hero item was added to the game's virtual transfer market at the lowest price cheap FUT 23 coins. It was a mess as players tried to sell their possessions after their value plummeted trying to recuperate losses when the market became saturated.