I've not even got around to talking about madden 23

  • It could have helped should he not missed so many tackles, not to mention the occasional sack. The Louisville game alone, in a game that he scored two sacks, the player simply missed three more tackles Mut 23 coins, the last of which was another sack opportunity. The dude ought to be an excellent athlete but even when you're scot-free, how do you complete the play?

    That is worrisome.

    I've not even got around to talking about Harold's not so great play at the line. I'll admit that every once in awhile he came off the ball well and pushed the blocker and made the play. In the majority of cases, however, he was either struck in the back or was roughed up.

    There's nothing to be happy about.

    Harold also gave the edge to a running defender on running plays wayyyyy too many times in the five games, which isn't going to work. I know he's a little too light on the inside however, his blocking skills will be even better on subsequent levels. Harold will have to find a way to improve his shit quickly. A little more weight, some squats , and better technique would be my recommendation, but for today, I'm imagining Harold trying to set the edge to Madden NFL 23 level offensive tackles and tight ends is not an appealing sight.

    In all fairness, there was a time when Harold made some outstanding plays when he was running. The problem is that I'm used to hearing it from top players. It's not something you do at least once that impresses me. It's consistently doing it, play after play after play cheap madden nfl 23 coins, that will bring me up. Harold played with a streak in each play against both the passing as well as against the run. But you also might watch any given play from those five games in which he looked like the same guy.