What is exothermic welding powder and E-plus exothermic weld

  • Introduction of exothermic welding powder

    Exothermic welding powder, also known as fire mud welding exothermic welding powder, fire mud welding exothermic welding powder, hot melt welding exothermic welding powder, fire mud welding exothermic welding powder, aluminum magnesium alloy sacrificial anode flux, aluminothermic flux, exothermic welding powder, flux, flux. It is a kind of copper-based aluminothermic flux.

    The reaction speed and critical temperature of exothermic welding powder are strictly designed. According to the type of welding point and the metal to be welded, the corresponding type of exothermic welding powder should be selected. The nameplate on the mold cover will also be the standard type of exothermic welding powder that should be used. For the marked exothermic welding powder model, the wrong type of exothermic welding powder shall not be poured into the mold, and exothermic welding powder shall not be mixed to avoid false welding, weak welding, waste of exothermic welding powder, or even invalidation of the mold.

    Another reason why exothermic welding powder cannot be mixed is that different types of exothermic welding powder have different proportions and compositions. This is to keep the critical welding temperature and reaction time within a certain range and to consider safety.

    Sunlight intelligent is packaged in three-layer composite aluminum foil bags. Under normal circumstances, the validity period of the packaging can reach more than 1 year. Double-layer vacuum packaging can be used for humid environments, which can more effectively avoid moisture and affect the welding effect. Ordering vacuum packaging exothermic welding powder requires declaration. Each bag of Sunlight intelligent exothermic welding powder comes standard with a pack of pyrophoric powder and spacer. Pyrophores and spacer gaskets do not need to be purchased separately.

    weldable metal

    Copper bar/copper rod/copper cable/copper tube/(galvanized) flat steel/round steel/thread steel/steel plate/steel pipe/manganese steel/copper clad steel round wire (grounding rod/row/strand) etc. Welding between materials. The above is the Introduction to exothermic welding powder.

    exothermic welding powder

    Comparison of exothermic welding powder with similar products

    \u25cfExothermic welding powder is a non-dangerous product and adopts a sealed waterproof design. Exothermic welding powder does not contain phosphorus, magnesium, and other materials harmful to the human body, which is convenient for transportation and storage.

    \u25cfThe product has stable performance and low porosity. It is constructed in strict accordance with the Sunlight intelligent construction process, which can ensure that the porosity of solder joints is less than 1%.

    \u25cfWelding different types and specifications of metal quality is the same, according to the welding of different materials to provide different formulations of exothermic welding powder, and provide standard weight packaging according to different connection methods, by controlling the reaction temperature and speed, adjusting the composition of metal elements in the solder joints And proportion, so as to achieve standard welding performance, under the premise of fully ensuring the standardization of welding quality, it can not only reduce the damage to the metal base metal by welding, but also improve the service life of the mold.

    \u25cfSunlight intelligent exothermic welding powder has sufficient reaction, very few impurities in solder joints, and extremely high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance of solder joints.

    \u25cfThe raw material of Sunlight intelligent mold is three-dip four-pei high-density pure graphite, which is processed by CNC machine tools to ensure that the mold is easy to clean and has a long service life; the mold size, reaction, and the flow direction of the metal after melting are strictly designed to avoid mold Cracking, welding copper melt splash and other phenomena, convenient and easy to use.

    \u25cfThe quality of welding large and small size metals is the same.

    \u25cfIsolation gaskets and pyrophoric powder are standard, not sold separately, and will not increase customer costs.

    \u25cfColor packaging, marked with production date, product name, scope of application, instructions in Chinese and English, manufacturer's name and contact information, etc., with easy-to-tear openings on the upper and lower sides, which is convenient for construction. The above is the Comparison of exothermic welding powder with similar products.

    E-plus exothermic weld

    Introduction of E-plus exothermic weld

    E-plus exothermic weld is another core product of exothermic welding. Many projects that use good exothermic welding powder but fail to achieve good welding results are caused by the use of little molds. The mold consists of a mold cover, mold cavity, and welding cavity It can withstand the melting temperature of copper, steel, iron, and other metals, and the flow direction, flow rate, and shape of the welding point of the molten metal have been scientifically and rigorously designed, with high density and good anti-wear performance. Three-immersion four-pei high-purity graphite is used as the basic raw material and is processed by CNC machine tools. , long life, easy demoulding, good versatility, and so on. The above is the Introduction of E-plus exothermic weld.