Functional Analysis And Characteristics Of Copper Bonded Steel

  • Functional analysis of copper bonded steel ground rod

    Copper bonded steel ground rod/independent grounding pole, reducing the impact grounding resistance of tower is an effective measure for lightning protection. The field test method of the copper bonded steel ground rod injected into the line tower to simulate the lightning impulse current, the current and voltage waveforms of the simulated lightning current of the copper bonded steel ground rod of the tower were measured, and the power frequency of the tower was measured by the angle method and the quadrupole method respectively. Grounding resistance and field soil resistivity are used to analyze the impact characteristics of the real tower. According to the same conditions as the field test combined with theoretical calculation and CDEGS simulation analysis, the field test results are in good agreement with the theoretical calculation and simulation analysis. The above is the functional analysis of copper bonded steel ground rod. 

    Features of copper bonded steel ground rod

    \u25cfThe installation is very convenient. The electrode unit is installed horizontally, and the amount of excavation is small;

    \u25cfInstallation does not require water. It is especially suitable for construction sites where water is scarce such as in the wild and high mountains;

    \u25cfHigh resistance reduction. The three-layer resistance reduction structure is adopted to achieve the ideal comprehensive resistance reduction effect in a limited area;

    \u25cfLong service life. The electrode unit is treated with special anti-corrosion treatment, and the composite backfill can be tightly wrapped, which has a corrosion inhibitory effect on the metal electrode unit;

    \u25cfThe grounding resistance is stable. The main component of the composite backfill is conductive graphite, which relies on electrons to conduct electricity, and the electrode unit will continue to release conductive ions into the surrounding soil to improve the soil around the grounding body.

    \u25cfHigh security. The copper bonded steel ground rod is designed with a leakage ring structure, which can effectively reduce the ground potential rise caused by the passage of large currents and ensure the safety of ground personnel.

    \u25cfLead-out line. It adopts super anti-corrosion material and adapts to a variety of connection methods. The above are the features of copper bonded steel ground rod.

    copper bonded steel ground rod

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