Copper bonded steel rod product features and application fields

  • Introduction of copper bonded steel rod

    The anti-corrosion and reliability of grounding devices have attracted increasing attention, and the use of copper-clad steel composite materials to replace section steel or galvanized angle steel as grounding devices has become popular. It can be widely used in the grounding devices of power transmission and transformation and communication lines, power stations, buildings, and antennas, and can also be used in the grounding system of electronic equipment such as computers, and can be combined with lightning receptors (lightning rods, lightning protection wires) and down conductors. Lightning protection grounding device. A copper bonded steel rod is made of low-carbon steel with good softness and carbon content of 0.10%-0.30%. A special process is used to uniformly cover the surface of the round steel with highly conductive electrolytic copper, and the thickness is 0.25-0.5mm. It can effectively slow down the oxidation rate of the ground rod in the ground. The ground rod in the combination type is threaded with a roll thread groove, which maintains the tight connection between the steel and the copper, ensures high strength, and has excellent electrical grounding performance. Next, Sichuan Sunlight will introduce the features of copper bonded steel rod and application field of copper bonded steel rod.

    copper bonded steel rod

    Features of copper bonded steel rod

    \u25cfThe copper bonded steel rod has a unique manufacturing process: the first horizontal electroplating production process is adopted in China to achieve metallurgical welding between copper and steel. It can be drawn arbitrarily like a single metal, without disjoint, warped skin, and cracking.

    \u25cfThe copper bonded steel rod has excellent anti-corrosion properties: the composite interface is welded at high temperature, without residue, and the joint surface will not corrode; the copper layer on the surface is thick (the average thickness is greater than 0.254mm), and the corrosion resistance is strong and the service life is long (more than 0.254mm). 30 years), reducing the labor intensity of maintenance.

    \u25cfCopper bonded steel rod has better electrical properties: the excellent electrical conductivity of the surface copper material makes its own resistance much lower than that of conventional materials.

    \u25cfCopper bonded steel rod is widely applicable: This product is suitable for grounding construction under the conditions of different soil moisture, temperature, ph value, and resistivity change.

    \u25cfCopper bonded steel rod connection is safe and reliable: use a special connecting pipe or use hot melt welding, the joint is firm and stable.

    \u25cfThe copper bonded steel rod is convenient and quick to install: the accessories are complete and the installation is convenient, which can effectively improve the construction speed.

    \u25cfThe copper bonded steel rod improves the grounding depth: the special connection and transmission method can go deep into the ground 35 meters to meet the requirements of low resistance on special occasions.

    \u25cfLow construction cost of copper bonded steel rod: Compared with the traditional construction method of pure copper grounding rod and grounding strip, the cost is greatly reduced. The above are the features of copper bonded steel rod.

    copper bonded steel rod

    Application field of copper bonded steel rod

    \u25cfLightning protection and grounding of State Grid substations

    \u25cfLightning protection grounding of high-speed rail and subway

    \u25cfLightning protection grounding in large chemical plants

    \u25cfLightning protection grounding for wind power generation

    \u25cfLightning protection grounding for photovoltaic power generation

    \u25cfLightning protection grounding of communication towers

    \u25cfLightning protection grounding for transportation, petrochemical, computer room, highway, military base, bank, etc.

    The above is the introduction of application field of copper bonded steel rod.

    The above is the introduction of features of copper bonded steel rod and application field of copper bonded steel rod. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you are interested in copper bonded steel rod, please feel free to contact us. Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., Ltd has a professional production team of copper bonded steel rod, It has complete experimental facilities and trial production equipment. You can rest assured to buy here.