The difference between e-plus exothermic welding and exothermic

  • The difference between e-plus exothermic welding and exothermic welding

    What is the difference between e-plus exothermic welding and exothermic welding? e-plus exothermic weld is reusable, while powder is disposable, just like electric welding machines and electrodes. The service life of e-plus exothermic weld is generally more than 80 times, and some models have a longer life, such as in-line welding (especially for conductors with cylindrical shapes such as welding wires and rods), and some models have a slightly shorter life, such as cross-type e-plus exothermic weld, before purchasing exothermic welding tools, please check what shape of conductors need to be welded and what are the specifications? (The copper bar is 40×4?50×5?40×5? or other specifications? Is the copper cable 70mm2? 95mm2? 120mm2? 150mm2? 185mm2? Or other specifications? The ground rod diameter is Φ14.2? ;20?Φ22?or other specifications?), what is the shape of the solder joint? (One-word connection? T-word connection? Cross-connection? Horizontal? Three-dimensional?) Next, Sichuan Sunlight will introduce precautions for e-plus exothermic weld and operation steps of e-plus exothermic weld.

    e-plus exothermic weld

    Precautions for e-plus exothermic weld

    For the quantity of each type of solder joint, the nameplate on the e-plus exothermic weld is marked with the model of the corresponding solder powder, please use one by one. Simply put, there are three questions:

    \u25cfIt is necessary to clarify the specifications of the materials to be welded;

    \u25cfThe shape of the solder joint;

    \u25cfThe number of each type of solder joints.

    There are two types of e-plus exothermic weld clips. One is an ordinary e-plus exothermic weld clip, which is suitable for most e-plus exothermic welds, and the other is an eccentric e-plus exothermic weld clip, which is mainly used in cross welding Welded to the ground rod.

    Exothermic welding is an exothermic welding method that uses ultra-high heat generated by a chemical reaction (exothermic reaction). Exothermic welding is also known as refractory welding, clay welding, exothermic welding, exothermic welding, chemical heat welding, etc. For exothermic welding, the chemical reaction speed is so fast that it only takes a few seconds to complete the welding. This way the ultra-high heat generated by it being melted to form bonded molecules can proceed efficiently to melt the part. No other heat is necessary. It is the best way to solder metal conductors to ground circuits. See ieeestd.80-1976. exothermic welding welds are mainly pure copper, brass, bronze, copper, copper-clad steel, pure iron, stainless steel, ductile iron, galvanized steel, cast iron, copper alloy, alloy steel, and so on. The welding materials produced by our company are safe, non-toxic, and environment friendly because they do not use phosphors and hazardous chemicals to produce metal toxic gases that are easily used by other fluxes. The gases generated by the reaction are co2 and h2o, making it possible for operators and no occupational disease risk to emit gases that have no pollution into the atmosphere. Our company uses delayed reaction, pore remover, anti-slag agent, etc., in a unique formula. The above are the precautions for e-plus exothermic weld.

    exothermic weld

    Operation steps of e-plus exothermic weld

    Effectively ensure welding quality and personnel safety.

    \u25cfClean the cavity and conductor surface of e-plus exothermic weld first, and then place the conductor in the center of the cavity.

    \u25cfUse the e-plus exothermic weld clamp to lock the e-plus exothermic weld, and place the metal gasket evenly

    \u25cfIntroduce the solder powder, sprinkle the igniter powder evenly on the surface of the solder powder, and put the igniter cotton

    \u25cfCover the cover of the e-plus exothermic weld, keep the igniter cotton outside, and ignite it with a torch

    \u25cfAfter ignition, a high-temperature reaction occurs in e-plus exothermic weld instantly.

    \u25cfCool down after the reaction, open the welding module, and the conductors are permanently connected.

    Precautions: Make sure that there are no flammable and explosive items within 2 square meters of the operation site. There is no idle personnel, and the operator should wear heat-insulating gloves to work. The above is the operation steps of e-plus exothermic weld.