Selection and application of cable clamp

  • Choice of cable clamp

    The cable is the main component of the power system, and the problem of cable fixation also follows. How to choose a cable clamp and what kind of cable clamp to choose has become the most important problem. Choosing the right cable clamp is easy to install and improve efficiency. Sichuan Sunlight provides various cable clamps to answer you how to choose cable clamps.

    Most of the building shafts, high-voltage cabinets, and power departments choose BMC material cable clamps, which can fix a single cable with a diameter of 18-70mm, and more than two can be processed into cable clamps with epoxy resin boards. In addition, BMC material also has four-hole and five-hole cable clamps of 50-300 square meters, with screws and brackets as standard. BMC material cable clamp insulation, anti-eddy current, installation without rubber pad. The above is the choice of cable clamp.

    cable clamp

    Importance of cable clamp for cables

    \u25cfEnsure the stability of the cable on a certain plane or triangle.

    \u25cfEnsure that the cables are arranged neatly and beautifully;

    \u25cfInsulation Materials

    The above is the Importance of cable clamp for cables.

    cable clamp

    Application areas of cable clamp

    Prevent the generation of eddy currents between cables; the high-voltage cable clamp has the characteristics of high strength, ultra-high insulation performance, fire and flame resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-magnetic, anti-eddy current, and no moisture absorption. It can be used for cable laying on the wall of building cable shafts, cable laying in mines, railways, subways, tunnels, substations, power plants, power distribution cabinets, power or power transmission and transformation industries, submarine, oil pipelines, and high-voltage cabinets 10-35kV high-voltage cables and the safety of railway signal cables, etc. The above is the application areas of cable clamp. Sichuan Sunlight is a company that develops and sells composite cable clamps, Exothermic WeldingFasteners&FixingsGrounding ConductorResistance Reduction and Grounding Accessories, which have been widely used in high-rise building power wells, power companies, mine shafts, railways and submarines, etc. occasion.

    The above is about choice of cable clamp, importance of cable clamp for cables and application areas of cable clamp. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you are interested in cable clamp, you can contact us at any time, Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., Ltd has a professional production team of cable clamp, It has complete experimental facilities and trial production equipment. You can rest assured to buy here.