Cable diameter and type determine the choice of cable clamp

  • Types of cable clamps

    There are also many types of cable clamp materials, we mainly use aluminum alloy, epoxy resin, composite material, nylon, and so on. I have some suggestions for users to choose a suitable cable clamp.

    \u25cfSpecific cable diameter

    \u25cfType of cable.

    \u25cfUse occasions.

    \u25cfFixing method (fix several, horizontal and vertical)

    The cable clamp is selected according to the cable diameter. For example, if your cable diameter is 55mm, I would recommend YGD-13 to fix it with 43-59mm. These are the types of cable clamps.

    cable clamp

    The diameter of the cable determines the cable clamp

    The fixing holes of the cable clamp have a range, such as 43-59mm, 55mm cable, and 4mm left to make the outer side of the cable fit the cable clamp fixing hole. If the cable diameter is 50, then the highest point of the cable circle is in contact with the highest point of the round hole of the cable clamp. If it is fixed in this way, the fulcrum is in the middle of the cable clamp, which is the weakest part of the cable clamp. fracture. Even the steel plate will bend. So we choose the cable clamp that must make your outer diameter closer to the maximum of the fixed range of the cable clamp. That's all about the diameter of the cable determines the cable clamp.

    The type of cable determines the choice of cable clamp

    Different types of cables have different weights and different forces. There is a big gap between mine cables and real estate cables. Therefore, in order to bear the weight of the cable itself and fix it firmly, we adjusted the fixing range and material of the mine cable clamp, which is more convenient for processing and customization. Depending on the application, the screws and cable clamp materials used are also different. Like tunnels, walls, and trenches, we will use hot-dip galvanized bolts, and galvanized bolts will be used in dry places, and the price will be different. We will recommend materials according to customer requirements and our experience. Our regular products have a single hole, four holes, and five holes. And now some users are more and more combined, three holes, six holes, eight holes, and the cable diameter is particularly large. In this way, we have to take into account the bearing capacity of the bottom cable bracket. Our general bracket thickness is 4mm. If there are too many fixed roots and heavyweight, then we must thicken and lengthen the bracket. The above is about the type of cable that determines the choice of cable clamp.

    The above is about the introduction of types of cable clamps, the diameter of the cable determines the cable clamp and the type of cable determines the choice of cable clamp. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you are interested in cable clamp, you can contact us at any time, Sichuan Sunlight intelligent electric equipment Co., Ltd has a professional production team for cable clamp, It has complete experimental facilities and trial production equipment. You can rest assured to buy here.