Features, applicable occasions and product uses of cable clamp

  • Features and applicable occasions of cable clamp

    With anti-eddy current, flame retardant, non-absorbent, high strength, easy installation, and so on. Ensure that the cables in the electrical shaft are neatly arranged without cross-arrangement, which is used for the safe fixation of optical cables, communication cables, or wires. It can be used alone or in combination for fixing multiple wires and optical cable products. Because of its convenient installation, and saving manpower and material resources, it is a cable clamp product with extremely high-cost performance. 

    The material of the cable clamp itself is insulating and can be directly contacted with the outer sheath of the cable without eddy current loss, which can avoid the resulting power consumption and damage to the cable itself, improving the power transmission capacity, and is easy to install. Greatly reduce the labor intensity of installation personnel and improve work efficiency. The above are the features and applicable occasions of cable clamp.

    Introduction of cable clamp

    cable clamp (high and low-voltage cable clamp) (high and low voltage cable clamp) cable clamp products are used to fasten a single high and low voltage cable, and can also fasten cables made of polyethylene with insulation. Ensure the stability of the cable on a certain plane or triangle. The above is about the introduction of cable clamp

    Cable clamp operating temperature range

    Electric cable clamp (high and low voltage cable clamp) -40℃~+120℃ without loss of mechanical strength; service life up to 50 years; flame retardant, in line with UL standards, halogen-free, low smoke. Suitable for anti-aging and embrittlement in indoor and outdoor environments. The above is the cable clamp operating temperature range.

    cable clamp

    Advantages of cable clamp

    \u25cfOil resistance: strong durability to alkaline, oily, and other petroleum products

    \u25cfAnti-radiation: strong stability to radiation and ultraviolet radiation

    \u25cfAnti-ozone: Strong stability against ozone The above is the advantages of cable clamp.

    Technical performance index of cable clamp 

    \u25cfCorrosion resistance ≤1.5g/㎡

    \u25cfFlame retardancy (oxygen index method) ≥ 27%

    \u25cfBending strength 180MPa

    \u25cfImpact strength ≥70kJ/㎡

    Thermal deformation temperature ≥200℃, the above is the technical performance index of the cable clamp.

    Outdoor high pressure cable clamp product application

    The composite material cable hoop is mainly used for fixing cables in cable tunnels and cable trenches. It is made of SMC high-performance composite material by a molding process. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, good rigidity, and is non-magnetic. An ideal replacement for traditional aluminum alloy cable ferrules. The above is the outdoor high pressure cable clamp product application. In order to meet the market demand, Sichuan Sunlight has developed a clamp that can clamp cables of various specifications, including single-core composite material and three-core composite material. The variety is complete and the price is favorable. It can be customized according to the requirements of the bracket. If you are interested in the cable clamp , please feel free to contact us.