Introduction and characteristics of copper bonded steel ground

  • Introduction of copper bonded steel ground rod

    Copper bonded steel ground rod, also known as copper-plated steel rod, is made of hard steel inside, and the outer layer of steel is plated with a layer of copper. The length is generally 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, and the diameter is generally 14-25mm. Compared with pure copper rod, copper bonded steel ground rod saves copper material, saves cost, has the same conductivity, and contains the hardness of copper. The copper bonded steel ground rod is mainly used for lightning protection and grounding, which can reduce the resistance value. When the roof lightning rod is struck by lightning, the current can be quickly released to achieve the lightning protection effect.

    \u25cf Q235 low carbon steel is used, and after large-diameter cold drawing processing, the tensile strength is enhanced, and the toughness is maintained

    \u25cfThe copper layer of the product is firm and has strong corrosion resistance 

    \u25cfThe copper layer is not cracked or peeled after bending 180°

    \u25cfThe effect of reducing resistance is obvious

    \u25cfLong life: 50 years without corrosion

    Copper bonded steel ground rod/independent grounding pole, reducing the impact grounding resistance of the tower is an effective measure for lightning protection. In order to accurately analyze the impact characteristic law of the grounding device, this paper uses the existing portable tower impact grounding resistance measuring instrument, selects the actual line tower grounding The current and voltage waveforms of the simulated lightning current of the tower grounding device were measured by means of the field test method of the device injecting the simulated lightning impulse current. According to the same conditions as the field test, combined with theoretical calculation and CDEGS simulation analysis, the field test results are in good agreement with the theoretical calculation and simulation analysis. The above is the introduction of copper bonded steel ground rod.

    copper bonded steel ground rod

    Features of copper bonded steel ground rod

    The copper bonded steel ground rod is very easy to install. The electrode unit is installed horizontally, and the amount of excavation is small;

    No water is required for copper bonded steel ground rod installation. It is especially suitable for construction sites where water is scarce such as in the wild and high mountains;

    Copper bonded steel ground rod is highly effective in reducing resistance. The three-layer resistance reduction structure is adopted to achieve the ideal comprehensive resistance reduction effect in a limited area;

    The copper bonded steel ground rod has a long service life. The electrode unit is treated with special anti-corrosion treatment, and the composite backfill can be tightly wrapped, which has a corrosion inhibitory effect on the metal electrode unit;

    The copper bonded steel ground rod has stable grounding resistance. The main component of the composite backfill is conductive graphite, which relies on electrons to conduct electricity, and the electrode unit will continue to release conductive ions into the surrounding soil to improve the soil around the grounding body.

    Copper bonded steel ground rod has high safety. The grounding device is designed with a leakage ring structure, which can effectively reduce the ground potential rise caused by the passage of large currents and ensure the safety of ground personnel.

    The copper bonded steel ground rod is made of super corrosion-resistant material and is suitable for a variety of connection methods. The above are the features of copper bonded steel ground rod.

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