The function, production principle and process of copper plated

  • The role of copper plated round steel


    Copper plated round steel grounding is an electrical safety measure taken to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment and personal safety. It is achieved by connecting metal wires to grounding devices. Commonly used are protective grounding, working grounding, lightning protection grounding, and shielding grounding. , Anti-static grounding, etc. The grounding device introduces the leakage current, electrostatic charge, and lightning current that may be generated on the electrical equipment and other production equipment into the ground, so as to avoid personal electric shock and possible fire, explosion, and other accidents.

     Ground wire

    In electrical appliances, the grounding wire is a line that is connected to the outer casing of the electrical equipment to promptly export the unsafe electric charge or leakage current caused by various reasons. 

    \u25cf Function of high-voltage grounding wire: The high-voltage grounding wire is used for line and substation construction to ensure safety in case of electrostatic induction shock or wrong closing of the adjacent charged body. 

    \u25cf High-voltage grounding wire structure: The portable high-voltage grounding wire consists of an insulating operating rod, a wire clip, a short-circuit wire, a grounding wire, a grounding terminal, a bus clip, and a grounding clip. 

    \u25cf High-voltage grounding wire production process: excellent production process--the wire clip and grounding clip are made of aluminum alloy die-casting; the operating rod is made of epoxy resin color tube, which has good insulation performance, high strength, light weight, bright color and smooth appearance ;The grounding copper plated round steel is made by twisting multiple strands of soft copper wire, and is covered with a soft, high temperature resistant transparent insulating protective layer, which can prevent the wear of the grounding copper plated round steel in use, and the copper wire can meet the fatigue test requirements. , to ensure the safety of operators in operation. 

    \u25cf Specifications of grounding wire: According to ministerial regulations, the grounding wire must be made of bare copper flexible wire of 25mm 2 or more.

     Lightning protection

    Lightning protection refers to a protection technology that prevents damage to the building itself or its internal equipment caused by direct lightning strikes or electromagnetic pulses of lightning by forming an integrated system of interception, dredging, and leakage into the ground. The above is the role of copper plated round steel.

    copper plated round steel

    The production principle of copper plated round steel

    Copper plated round steel adopts a four-dimensional continuous electroplating production process to achieve a high degree of combination of copper and steel. The outer copper layer is composed of 99.99% electrolytic copper molecules. Copper plated round steel not only overcomes the drawbacks of the galvanic cell reaction in the casing method production process, but also solves the problems of insufficient copper layer purity and surface copper in the hot dip continuous casting process. Layer yin and yang side and other disadvantages. Copper plated round steel is basically flat cladding, using the process of horizontal continuous casting, such as cladding and rolling of steel strip and copper strip; copper clad steel is curved cladding, basically closed, using the principle of wrapping, For example, the outside of the steel wire is wrapped with copper tape. The above is the production principle of copper plated round steel.

    Process of copper plated round steel

    Copper plated round steel is superior to the other two processes in terms of the bonding degree and tightness of the copper layer. The advanced electroplating process is used to cover the surface of the special steel core with copper with a purity of 99.9%. The electrical conductivity is the same as that of copper materials of the same diameter, but The cost of copper plated round steel is much lower than that of pure copper, and its anti-corrosion performance is far better than that of galvanized steel. It has many advantages such as good electrical conductivity, low resistance, superior anti-corrosion performance, convenient transportation, convenient construction and high construction efficiency. The best choice for traditional grounding materials such as angle steel, galvanized flat steel, etc. The above is the process of copper plated round steel.

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