Extending Cleaning Method of Industrial Dust Vacuum Filter

  • cleaning method of industrial dust vacuum filter The disadvantage is that the filter bag needs to be replaced frequently, especially if the filter bag is not appropriate, it will be damaged or blocked seriously. The replacement is more frequent, resulting in the high maintenance cost of the bag dust collector, the life of the dust bag bag The maintenance costs of bag dust collectors have been reduced, and everyone wants to know how to extend the life of the use of dust removal bags. Shenzhen Hongjia Environmental Protection will summarize it with more than ten years of production experience:

    1. To investigate the cause of the aging of dust bags, take elimination measures and replace the dust filter bag.

    \u2460 Hardrobed due to abnormal high temperature;

    \u2461 In contact with the steam of acid, alkali or organic solvents;

    \u2462 React with water.

    2. The blockage of the dust bag bag. When the cloth bag is blocked, the resistance is increased, which can be expressed from the increase of the number of pressure meters.

    The clogging of the cloth bag is the main cause of the phenomenon of worn bag wear, perforation, and falling off. The following measures are generally taken:

    \u2460 Temporarily strengthen the ash clearance operation to eliminate the blockage of the cloth bag;

    \u2461 Some and all cloth bags must be replaced in time;

    \u2462 Strictly ensure the premise of adjusting installation and operation.

    3. Damage of the filter bag. The shape of the filter bag and the installation method of the filter bag and the mechanism of the institution determine the position where the filter bag is easily damaged. However, the filter bag is damaged by the following reasons. If the damage occurs, it can be checked in the table below:

    \u2460 The filter cloth should not be too loose or too tight, too loose is easy to accumulate, and it is easy to pull it too tight.

    \u2461 New and old filter bags should not be mixed to avoid different damage time affecting the normal work of the device.

    \u2462 The filter bag that is replaced first, first use the compressed air to blow, and then check whether there is a hole in the hole. If the filter bag that is passed by dust, rinse with water, and leave it to be replaced after cooling.

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