How to judge whether Precautions for Fan Speed ​​Controller Swi

  • precautions for fan speed controller switch mould polishing Leakage will not be charged because the socket shell is insulated.


    1. The installation height of the socket should be installed in accordance with the design requirements when the design is required; when the design is unclear, it should generally meet: the sockets with a safe door are not less than 0.3m; Essence It is recommended to buy sockets with safe door as much as possible, because the price of the two is not much different.

    2. In the bathroom or other humid places, a well -sealed waterproof and splash -proof socket should be used. (Note: The plastic baffle (safety door) with a japper with a safe door adds a plastic baffle (safety door) in front of the jack metal reed on the basis of a general socket. Insert the hole first, the institutional action party in the socket opens the other two holes. The two -hole socket must be inserted into the socket pile head at the same time.

    3. When the socket is installed, its panel should be correct and close to the wall. And the wiring (phase) should meet the road: single -phase and two -hole sockets, facing the right hole or upper hole of the socket (fire line), left or lower hole joints; The hole is connected to the phase line (L, fire line), the left hole is connected to the zero line (n), and the upper hole ground line (PE).

    precautions for fan speed controller switch mould polishing