Application of light bulb type g in household furniture

  • Application of light bulb type g in Home furnishings: Speaking of the application of light strip in home furnishings interior space, it can be installed in every corner of every interior space.

    1, the entrance porch: the novelty of going out and the surprise of going home, the entrance porch light belt can completely reach:

    2, the big living room: the common is the big living room ceiling ceiling lamp belt, hidden in the decoration ceiling lamp belt shows the mild light source, the visual effect is thin and make the indoor space layer sense stronger. In addition, if the lamp belt is used for the TV wall, it will highlight the three-dimensional effect of the wall. If the big living room has the tatami floor, the tatami floor under the installation of the lamp belt, can also have the effect of reminding: beware of the soles of the feet. Build a strong sense of belonging ~

    3, hotel: can build new ideas in dining. The use of lighting effect to create the texture of the interior space, so that all the dining room space more stylish.

    4, restaurant kitchen: installed in the kitchen cabinet under the light belt symmetrical spot bright cabinet countertops, not easy to make you because of lighting is not enough wrong sugar as salt.

    5, bedroom: the lamp belt used in the bedroom bed can build the sense of hierarchy and expression effect of indoor space, in addition, warm bed under the lamp belt design scheme, can be more convenient late at night to get up at night, mild lighting effect is not easy to stimulate people's brain, can quickly return to sleep quality after getting up at night.

    6. Indoor stairs: light bulb type g is installed on the indoor stairs. It not only lights up the future road, gives people a sense of belonging to walk, but also endows the steps with a rhythmic beauty in appearance.

    7. Aisle: The use of light bulb type g can make the simple aisle wall more changeable and diversified. Besides the lamp belt can be installed on the wall, pavement and wall top of each interior space, various bookcases, sprinkles and display cabinets can also be installed.

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