Hands-on Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art Phoenix


    Bold, superb craftsmanship as well as charming technique. Jacob & Co. ASTRONOMIA TYPHOON AT103.40.AA.AA.A


    Jacob Arabo has a talent for performing. Over the years, the founder associated with Jacob & Co. offers shaped a unique company within the watchmaking industry with a fantastic vision. His brand has established spectacular timepieces technically and also visually. The way these person watches display complex features has become a brand icon... With regards to individual works, Astronomia Artwork Phoenix combines impressive the making of watch skills and unparalleled skill of decoration.


    Astronomia Art Phoenix is actually a spectacular interpretation of the idea originally proposed in 2013. It combines three-dimensional screen, unique complex functions along with artistic craftsmanship. Following variations such as the Emperor Dragon or even Luxury Octopus, the latest Astronomia is known for the extraordinary complexness of its miniature statues. This unique piece shows the golden phoenix rising over a movement and spreading the wings around its various elements. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Dragon watch


    Jacob & Company. Astronomia is a fascinating THREE DIMENSIONAL mechanical epitome, constantly relocating. The display consists of a centrally mounted turntable, and each finish of the four satellite hands has a constantly moving component: a 1-carat Jacobian reduce diamond with 288 aspects rotating in 60 seconds; revolving in 60 seconds A hand-painted globe made of magnesium; hours and minute dials; lastly, a two-axis tourbillon changes this charming ballet. The primary cage rotates in one minute, and because of the vertical axis, it also rotates on a 5-minute basis.


    To be able to develop this manual turning movement, Jacob & Corp. collaborated with Studio 7h38 (owned by Luca Soprana), a movement manufacturer focusing on high complexity, headquartered within Vaumarcus near Neuchâtel. Made up of no less than 368 parts, the ability reserve when fully injury is 60 hours. Best Replica watches


    The actual impressive sculpture surrounding the actual movement was carefully designed by an artist over a period of seven months. It is hand-carved in addition to finished. Craftsmen cast a good 18k rose gold phoenix through multiple parts. They are all very carefully polished and finished prior to being assembled together effortlessly. Attention to detail throughout. While there is a lot of negative space, sculptors must create specific resources to work in areas which are almost impossible to reach.


    This charming ballet as well as sculpture is housed within a 47 mm white gold situation. Its impressive tall domed sapphire crystal invites you to definitely appreciate the ever-changing details coming from different angles. The lugs are hollowed out, just like the edges of the case. You may have noticed that this timepiece does not have a crown. Turn this timepiece over, and the two shaped up-turn buttons are get rid of with the back cover. You are used to wind the movement and also the other is used to set time. The watch comes with an alligator leather-based strap and a platinum foldable clasp. Top quality replica watches


    The bold Jacob black & Co. Astronomia Skill Phoenix naturally has not understate... but it excels because of the technicality of its motion and attention to the details active in the production process. Three-dimensional and various every time, it provides a dynamic and also true hypnotic experience.


    Technical Specifications-JACOB & CO. ASTRONOMIA ART PHOENIX

    Case: diameter forty seven mm x height twenty five mm-18k white gold, polished-domed sky-blue crystal with anti-reflective coating-case surrounded by sapphire crystal-water-resistant in order to 30 meters

    Motion: Jacob & Co. la mecanique JCAM25 manual winding-41. 65mm x 14. 15mm-42 jewels-384 parts-21, 600 cycles for each hour-60 hours power reserve

    Display: 4-arm 3D movement-1 carat exclusive Jacobian slice diamonds, 288 facets, sixties rotation-Magnesium blue lacquered world, 60s rotation-dual-axis tourbillon, very first frame rotating in the 1960s, The second frame is within five minutes-hours and minutes

    Strap: Blue alligator natural leather strap, 18k white gold flip-style clasp

    Reference: AT112.30.AA.UA.ABALA


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