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    Grand Seiko 9S series calibers, a new generation of mechanical movements - Part 6

    As we discussed in our Grand Seiko post, the brand's craftsmanship has been in high-grade territory throughout its journey, but when it comes to the 9S series, a whole new story takes place. Let's start by saying that the entire Grand Seiko 9S model series, basically based on an updated version of the 5200 model, is known as the current generation Grand Seiko automatic mechanical movement. Now, let's see why.

    Prototype of the Grand Seiko 9S calibre family: Model 5200
    The 5200 automatic movement series was launched by Seiko in 1970 as the last series of the classic era of Seiko automatic movements. Its movements can be found in legendary watches such as the Lord Matic and King Seiko 52KS. Although the series is rated at 28,800 bph. It's classified as a "Hi-Beat" by Seiko, so we can classify it as one of the true "Hi-Beat" 36,000 bph-beating predecessors. If you've had a longer history with Seiko, you'll know that there are other earlier models besides the movements in this series, those beating at 36,000 bph, like the Grand Seiko 61GS from 1968, but that's other A story of time. Since the 5200 was used as the basis for the 9S series, we kept it for now. The 5200 series was discontinued in 1976, at the beginning of the electronic watch era, but was reborn in the 90s, giving birth to the 4S15 movement of the Seiko series and its derivatives, and the 9S series of Grand Seiko. Let's just mention the movements of this collection: 5206A and 5216A (23 or 25 jewels) from 1970, 5245A and 5246A (25 jewels) from 1971 and 5256A (25 jewels) from 1973.perfect watches website

    Modern Grand Seiko Automatic Mechanical Movement
    Before the invention of the 9S series in 1998, Grand Seiko went hand in hand with Swiss watches, but with the introduction of the 9S, the standard was set even higher when a new GS standard (the so-called "Grand Seiko Special Standard") was set. As some of you may already know, the new GS standard produces mechanical operating accuracy of +4/-2 seconds per day, or even less. Coupled with the superior craftsmanship of its manufacturer, high-end watchmaking technology, at least when it comes to mechanical watches. It's no wonder that Grand Seiko is one of the favorite choices for serious watch collectors.

    The whole concept of Grand Seiko can be reduced to the idea of ​​making the best watch in the world. Similarly, the 9S series represents the highest standards in the field of mechanical movements to date. When you consider that each mechanical movement has 200 to 300 parts, you can imagine how perfect each part must be in order to perform its impeccable timekeeping role. For this purpose, Grand Seiko uses so-called MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology to produce the escapement, but there is no technology to assemble parts like the trained artisans and men's sharp eyes and steady hands in the Grand Seiko empire . It is this human element that is the secret to such precise timing as Grand Seiko claims. In the modern world, where the world of machines does so much human work, it's certainly an achievement worth paying the extra cost for their timepieces.Replica MB&F Legacy Machine Watches

    With the 9S movement series and its new standard, Grand Seiko introduces a 17-day trial period, which means that every mechanical movement is tested under stringent conditions for 17 days. This includes conditions such as different locations, different temperatures, etc., and can only be marked as Grand Seiko if it meets very strict criteria.

    Grand Seiko Caliber Model: 9S5-
    The models in the Grand Seiko 9S calibre family have many calibres, all of which fit into one of the three groups. The first group is the beginning of the 9S series, the 9S5x series of calibers, launched in 1998. All 9S5x calibres beat at 28,800 beats per hour.

    The first watch introduced in the 9S series is marked with the SBGR Grand Seiko automatic mechanical model. The first is run by Caliber 9S51, an update to the old Caliber 5200, with 24 jewels. The watches that have it are the Grand Seiko automatic models SBGR002, SBGR007, SBGR013 and SBGR033.replica watch stores

    Meanwhile, the 9S55 was launched in the same year, with a date, 26 jewels and an accuracy of +5/-2 seconds per day. Both of the aforementioned models are marked SBGR, so we have the Grand Seiko automatic date versions: SBGR001, SBGR003, SBGR005, SBGR009, SBGR011, SBGR015, SBGR017, SBGR019, SBGR023, SBGR025, SBGR027, SBGR029, SBGR031, SBGR035, SBGR037.

    In this 9S5x series we also have the hand-wound version 9S54 from 2001 and the GMT version 9S56 from 2002. The hand-wound version is marked SBGW and has 20 jewels, while the GMT version is marked SBGM Automatic GMT and has 27 jewels. The Grand Seiko GMT version is also equipped with the 9S66 movement. If you want to find a 9S54 watch, search for the following markings: SBGW001, SBGW003, SBGW005, SBGW007, SBGW008, SBGW009, SBGW011, SBGW012, SBGW014, SBGW021, SBGW023 or AnGW023 or AnGWni004 Automatic GMT versions can be found by marking: SBGM001, SBGM003, SBGM005 , SBGM007, SBGM009, and SBGM011. replica Jacob & Co. Astronomia Clarity