High-efficiency Marine Fluorescent Light At YSmarines

  • Marine Lights are used for the illumination of various types of boats, vessels,yachts and much more ships. They mainly include navigation signal light, fluorescent light, incandescent Light, explosion-proof light, searchlight, etc. With years of experiences in the marine industry, YSmarines provides a wide variety of marine lighting products with superb quality and cheap prices. Except for the explosion-proof light, spotlight, signal light, which are commonly used, YSmarines also offers much more other marine lights which are also needed to meet different requirements of customers, such as chart light, LED exit light, fluorescent pendant light, ceiling light and so on.

    JCY24-2, JCY44-2 Type Marine Fluorescent Pendant Light

    The fluorescent pendant light can be widely used for dry cabins, such as the seaman's cabin, restroom, dining room, cab, operator's room, engine room, splash-proof light etc. The body is made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, coated Inside and outside with acid-proof polyester powder. The luminaire has a hinged gear tray to simplify electrical connection and maintenance. The cable outside diameter is Ø10~Ø14mm. It's a recessed type, fixed on the top of the tank and also can be fixed to the beam.

    fluorescent pendant light


    1. The shell adopts a good quality steel plate tensioned, the lampshade adopts the injection of PC, and it has the seal structure.

    2. In order to prevent electric shocking, lamp internal and external terminals equipped with tag.

    3. Plug-in type lamp holder, equipped wiring terminal inside, convenient to connect.

    4. The lamp equipped B15 lamp holder, used for 24V/15W emergency bulb, the edge of lampshade marks the marking remark clear that needs the emergency device when order.

    5. Equipped compensating capacitance inside the lamp, also it has a good effect of start.

    6. The environmental temperature for work is -30℃~+55℃.

    JPY201-2, JPY202-2 Type Marine Fluorescent Ceiling Light With Battery

    The fluorescent ceiling light has a battery. It is suitable for illumination for dry compartments of all types of vessels, such as living cabin crew and passengers, lounges, dining room, cab, telegraph room and other places. The lampshade adopts milky white polycarbonate by injection moulding, non-dis-coloring, good toughness, softness rays and excellent transparency. The configured compensating capacitors are in inside of light to improve the power factor and reduce losses.

    fluorescent ceiling light


    1. Bulb emergency, lamp holder G13, Voltage: 24V, Power:8W~15W.

    2. Tube emergency (Single tube), voltage: 220V, Power: 20W.

    3. The edge of the lampshade marks the marking, the time of automatic emergency illumination is not less than 180min.

    JPY27-2L, JPY47-2L Type LED Marine Ceiling Light

    The marine ceiling light is equipped with LED light source and is applicable in general cabin or inner aisles of ships, such as living compartment, restaurant, cab, and wireless cabin etc. The enclosure of the lamp is made of high-quality steel plate. The good LED lamp has high light efficiency and environmental protection with the working life of over 50,000 hours.

    LED Marine Ceiling Light


    1. The installation way of the light is recessed-type, compact structure and delicacy appearance.

    2. The lampshade is made of good quality organic, not discolor, fine toughness, softness ray.

    3. The LED starter has stabled components to assure that the circuit has a long lifetime, and it has a protection for the short circuit and overload, to assure that the LED light for a long term.

    4. The lamp equipped B15 lamp holder, used for 24V/3W emergency bulb, the edge of lampshade marks the marking remark clear that needs the emergency device when order.

    YSmarines offers marine fluorescent light for sale with high luminous efficiency, the feature of colour rendering, reasonable configuration, unidirectional lighting, etc.