Floral Crowns - A Flower Girl Hair Idea (As Seen As On Kate Mos

  • Here's a flower girl hair idea that's recently received an enormous surge in popularity following a marriages of Kate Moss and Kate Middleton, who both adorned their feeltimes dresses with floral crowns such as these.

    A Touch Of Vintage Styling For Flower Girl Hair

    Floral crowns or head garlands possess a real vintage look about them, specifically if you use old-fashioned flowers like damask roses, sweet peas, lavender and peonies. They also look great at a winter wedding.

    Flower garlands don't actually work out to be a smaller amount in cost than the usual bouquet, since it takes time and skill to produce a neat, smartly designed arrangement. One way to keep the costs down would be to choose more affordable flowers, or perhaps a design that utilizes more leaves than flowers. Your florist can advise you and provide you with tips on sticking with your budget.

    Easy To DIY

    If you fancy using a go in a DIY flower girl hair garland, I've found some useful instructions here. You could choose mother of the bride dresses, fresh flowers as well as sunflowers. Think about what's in season and also the colors of the wedding theme. Also, keep in mind that young flower girls is going to be irritated by large, heavy blooms so consider their ages and what they're apt to be able to deal with.

    You may also buy ready-made flower garlands in silk and fabric flowers that have the advantage that you can buy them ahead of time, they will not wilt as well as last as a reminder of the big day.

    Whatever you choose, you will need to think about your flower girls' hair. Remember that young kids often have quite fine silky hair and when it's freshly washed it is going to be slippery. Make sure you discuss beforehand together with your hairdresser the way the floral crowns is going to be attached and when possible, perform a trial run.

    How will you style your flower girls' hair? If you've any photos to talk about, please leave a comment below.