18 Picture-Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses to Fall in Love With

  • When you are looking at picking out the best wedding dresses, it may be easy to be taken in by trite, cookie-cutter designs. Over the years, we’ve been subconsciously educated to think that the bride’s gown is that matters. But that’s definitely not the case, particularly if you’re likely to capture spectacular pictures of everyone together. Both the bride and bridesmaid’s looks should work hand in hand to enhance each other.

    An easy trick to consider when shopping for bridesmiad gowns is to consider it an orchestra. Each dress plays another role (much like every instrument inside a symphony), however when worn together, they harmonize right into a beautiful song—or in this instance, an unforgettably chic wedding portrait.

    So whether you’re deciding to uniformly dress your bridesmaids in coordinating designs or letting each individual show off a little bit of their personality, skip the commonplace, cheesy gowns to check out fabulous designs the wedding party will truly and wish to wear again. It’s about ensuring everyone feels and looks their best. If you’re still unsure where to start, we’ve gathered some of our favorite designs which are worthy of this type of momentous occasion. You won’t find any embarrassingly fluffy tulle or dreaded can-can skirts here, simply the best prom dresses near me to consider for the big day.