• Eilidh told us… Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we've got married in my parents' garden. They reside in Rhu, Scotland, and we were able to visit the Royal Northern Yacht Club, Loch Lomond, and also the Glen near our home for lots of spectacular photos.

    Robert and I met at Glasgow University at a Halloween party in 2014 when our respective university societies were built with a joint party. We then danced together for any St Andrews Day Ceilidh. Rob explained he would get me the moon, he'd throw a lasso around it and pull it down. We had our first date a couple of weeks later within the Grosvenor in Ashton Lane where we were built with a three-course meal and watched a movie. We were virtually inseparable from that point, until 5 months later when I went to live in France to carry on my studies. We stayed inside a relationship and spent 11 months long-distance, only seeing one another 3 times. When I came home, we moved in together.

    After I graduated in 2018, we went to live in Edinburgh to begin new jobs, as well as on the 24th of December 2018 before we headed to our parent's houses for Christmas, Rob inquired about meeting him in Glasgow for lunch. We went to the Grosvenor coupled with dinner and remembered 4 years before when we'd had our first date. When I was leaving Rob inquired about marrying him, underneath the twinkling fairy lights on Ashton Lane. I cried a lot I could not tell you what words he explained. He came to the place to find my parents beside me, and he gave me a note, which I keep during my purse even today which says "You want the moon? I'll enable you to get the moon Eilidh. I'll throw a lasso around it". He explained he had meant to take me to determine the film It's a Wonderful Life, but he provided the DVD instead, therefore we can now watch it once we want. It was a great Christmas! Click

    As for my wedding gown, I didn't fully realize what I wanted. My mum and I visited one wedding gown shop; The Wedding Planner in Helensburgh. We had intended to visit more, but after realizing how expensive weddings are I decided that I desired to spend the cash as close to home as I could. I wound up picking FeelTimes mermaid wedding dress. The experience of buying my gown was like not one other experience during my life. I'm not just one for dressing much but am excited about this. I informed her I was probably wanting something very fitted, not strapless with no glitter.

    I decided I would try it out anyway, despite my reservations. We chose to try this one on first since it had been everything I didn't want, which would allow us to speed confirm it and accelerate the process. I had never felt as beautiful as I felt right then looking in the mirror. It just fit so flatteringly and suddenly all of the parts of my body system I was negatively obsessing overlooked amazing and I felt like I would be a princess which I genuinely was an attractive girl. When I stepped out and stood before my mum, the moment she opened her eyes she started crying, and thus did I.

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