Synthesis Essay Intro Tips

  • The essay introduction is where you first draw your reader in with a strong hook sentence.

    Next, you provide context (background information) on the history and importance of the issue.

    You should finish this paragraph with your thesis.

    The intro starts with your hook—a sentence that grabs the reader’s attention. Here’s what you might write as a hook for our Star Wars stance:

    If fans fail to love the Star Wars prequels, then they are simply not true Star Wars fans.

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    You’ll be discussing the issue at length in your body paragraphs, but your reader needs an introduction to the key elements of the issue. This is a good spot to briefly answer the following questions:

    What is the history of the issue?
    Why is it important now?
    Who does the issue affect and why?

    The thesis is the main claim/argument that you’re making in the essay. It’s the official stance that you will support throughout the rest of the paper. It should be one to two sentences and should make a specific claim that introduces the topics of the other supporting claims you’ll write in the body paragraphs.

    Ours might look something like this:

    Despite the ongoing arguments over this trilogy, on the merits of cinematography, artistry, imagination, technological feats, and canonization, the Star Wars prequels are nevertheless great films.