How important is the Beijing 2022 diplomatic sanctions?


    The venue of the 2022 Winter Olympics has been hit by diplomatic sanctions from countries. including the United States, Australia and Britain, due to widespread accusations of China's atrocities against the Uighur community.

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    Human rights groups and western governments have accused China of genocide in the Xinjiang region. China denies this. He said the network of concentration camps was meant to "Re-education" of Uighurs and other Muslims

    Relations are also strained by a crackdown on political freedom and pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, and recently concerns over tennis player Peng Shuai vanishing from the public eye

    after she accused a senior Chinese government official of harassment. sexually Although the Chinese authorities have criticized "Male speculations" about her case. But there was still a lot of concern about her.For a few Western governments said their representatives

    would not participate. Such a move is a relatively easy way to be seen as to blame. while avoiding the more controversial steps of preventing athletes from being fully boycotted. The risk of sending politicians to Beijing to participate in the competition