TikTok will launch a restaurant Delivery-only across the US in


    TikTok is preparing to launch a new service that turns viral food videos into food you can actually order and enjoy. The social app is partnering with Virtual Dining Concepts and Grubhub to launch "TikTok Kitchen"

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    branded food delivery-only restaurants across the US next year. As first reported by Bloomberg, the restaurant's menus will be pulled from popular food posts on TikTok, which people can deliver to their door via Grubhub.

    Food delivered in March, with plans to open more than 1,000 restaurants by the end of next year.The start menu will include popular TikTok dishes like baked feta pasta. Smashburger Corn ribs and pasta chips,

    especially baked feta, gained incredible traction in 2021 as Google reported it as the most searched food of the year following a huge hit on TikTok from now on. go The location-based menu is updated quarterly with new dishes.

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