Study Uses Ocean Temperatures to Predict Climate Change Impacts

  • Study uses ocean temperatures to predict climate change effects - CGTN


    A group of international scientists has been researching climate fluctuations in the tropical Pacific. Ocean between Australia and America to predict and simulate climate change and its impacts

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    The research published Friday in the journal Science. It is the joint work of 35 international scientists representing 27 climate research centers around the world.Professor Scott Power, from Australia's University of Southern Queensland,

    one of the principal investigators, said the study of tropical Pacific climate fluctuations cited in the paper "Tropical Pacific Decadal Variability" (TPDV) has. importance because changes in ocean temperature can occur. broad impact

    Internal TPDV alters drought, bushfires, floods, the extent of polar sea ice. river flow agricultural production and the rate at which the planet is warming in response to rising greenhouse gases