Biodiversity: The story of the fish that 'Not extinct'


    It's just a small fish, not very colorful. Not very interested in saving the planet,” explains Gerardo Garcia.The species that Chester Zoo conservationists are talking about - the tequila - has been returned to the wild after it was declared extinct.

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    "Lost" since 2003 is back in a river in southwestern Mexico.This recycling is an example of how freshwater ecosystems and species can be preserved. Freshwater habitats are among

    the most threatened in the world, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). "Extinct faster than terrestrial or aquatic wildlife"Threats, including pollution, continue to exert pressure.

    Not only for wildlife But it also includes clean water and food supplies that depend on rivers and lakes.A local community who lives near a tequila release in Jalisco. Mexico It plays an important role in monitoring water quality in rivers and lakes.