Astra's debut from Florida ended in failure during the flight.


    The launch of the small rocket company Astra today in Cape Canaveral, Florida ended in failure just three minutes after takeoff. When unexpected problems occur during flight and prevent the vehicle from orbiting. It's not clear what happened.

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    But live footage from the rocket showed it spun out of control after the vehicle's two main stages separated as planned. Today marks the first Astra launch from the Cape after primarily from Kodiak, Alaska. For all previous missions and test flights,

    NASA is a customer of the mission today. This marks the first time Astra has launched a payload for the space agency. Called the ELaNa41 mission, the launch features four small satellites known as CubeSats for NASA as part of NASA's ongoing initiative to send

    experimental small spacecraft into orbit from various competitors. Now it seems that all the payloads are gone. “We had a problem with our flight today,” Astra CEO Chris Kemp, tweeted after the crash. “I deeply regret that we were unable to deliver the customer payload.